Amber Heard convicted of defamation of Johnny Depp

Amber Heard slammed Johnny Depp, describing himself as a victim domestic violence.

Amber Heard convicted of defamation of Johnny Depp

Amber Heard slammed Johnny Depp, describing himself as a victim domestic violence. An American jury concluded Wednesday, June 1 after a high-profile trial. The American jury was able to dive into the intimate relationship between the Hollywood stars. . Her ex-husband will be liable for $15 million damages.

Johnny Depp, for his part also defamed Amber Heard. His ex-wife will be liable for $2 million.

The third day of jury deliberations in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial began Wednesday. They will answer 40 questions to determine if the actors defamed one another and whether damages can be claimed.

Judge Penney Azcarate presented the jurors, five men and two ladies, with a document containing 24 questions about Johnny Depp's complaint and 18 about Amber Heard's.

His ex-wife is being sued in Fairfax, Washington by the "Pirates of the Caribbean” star over a Washington Post 2018 op-ed where she claimed she was "a public figure representing domestic abuse".

Johnny, who isn't named, believes this platform has damaged his career and reputation and seeks 50,000,000 dollars in damages.

Amber Heard, who, among other things, appeared in "Justice League", "Aquaman", and others, has reacted and is asking for the double.

The actress, 36 years old, claims that she was defamed in court by her ex-husband's former lawyer. He called her domestic violence accusations "hoaxes" back in April 2020.

Concerning Amber Heard's platform, three passages and three statements by Adam Waldman (the actor's lawyer) are concern.

Six weeks of testimony and audio or video recordings were presented to the jury. These details revealed their lives together, which was far from Hollywood glamour, and took place between 2011 and 2016.

According to the actress, Johnny Depp was a "monster" after consuming an explosive mix of drugs and alcohol. She refused rehab.

He would have raped her in Australia, a month after they were married, with a bottle alcohol. The actor was filming episode 5 "Pirates" in Australia.

Johnny Depp was admitted to hospital that day after he had his finger amputated. He says it was because of the glare from Amber Heard's bottle. He said he had hurt himself.

After a final argument, during which Johnny Depp allegedly threw his phone in her face and she was unable to speak, she filed for divorce.

She claims that she was the victim of a social media smear attack, which she said cost her her job.

Actor, 58, denounced the "staggering", accusations and stated that it was his wife who was violent.

He stated that "No human being can be perfect. Certainly not, none of us."

He was able count on the support and encouragement of hundreds of his fans, who cheered him on at the entrances of the court and in the courtroom.

This is Johnny Depp's second trial before a civil court. He had previously lost his London 2020 libel case against "The Sun", which called him "violent spouse".

Each actor claims to have lost between 40- 50 million dollars in fees from the publication of The Tribune.

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