An ultimate guide to the blue light glasses

Almost every individual spends plenty of time in front of electric devices, and most of them are not aware of the health effects they may cause

An ultimate guide to the blue light glasses

Almost every individual spends plenty of time in front of electric devices, and most of them are not aware of the health effects they may cause. Nearly every gadget consists of a screen that emits blue light. If we remain exposed to this blue light for a long time, it can cause eyestrain, migraines, giddiness, and decrease our eyesight. Blue light glasses are designed so that blue light intensity is significantly reduced due to the filters available in the lenses.

What is Blue Light?

Let’s have a look at the science behind the blue light. The beam of light that a naked eye can’t see contains blue light at the ultraviolet. Blue light has Maxim energy between the range of 380 to 500 nanometers, and its wavelength is also very short in this range. The blue light is the sunlight filtered by the ozone layer. It is artificially produced by LEDs, fluorescent light, laptops, computers, TV, and intelligent gadgets screens.

How does Blue light affect your health?

The intensity of blue light emitted by our gadgets, computer screens, and other electronic devices is considerably lower than the sunlight. Our natural eye lens and cornea cannot block visible blue light. Suppose we are continuously exposed to the blue light during office hours or other social activities for a long duration of time. In that case, the blue light will affect our sleeping habits and interrupt the normal body rhythm. Moreover, eyestrain and migraines can occur more frequently.

What is the relation between Digital Eyestrain and Blue Light?

Blue light is the common cause of digital migraine. Its short wavelength with the most energized blue light can scatter more rapidly than the other lights around us. When the massive amount of blue light is emitted from our computer or smartphone screens, the vision gradually gets blurry, reducing the contrast, and eventually, we can get eyestrain and migraines.

It has also been observed that we blink less than usual while looking at a screen, which leads to dry eyes and, hence, migraines. Blurred vision, head, neck, and shoulder pain are the most common eyestrain-producing symptoms. In this regard, a study has revealed that 30% of people face the signs mentioned earlier if they excessively use some electronic devices.

Why are Blue Light Glasses becoming Popular?

Even before the Corona pandemic hit the world and people started work from home due to lockdowns, most of us were still using electronic gadgets and exposed to digital screens. Moreover, there has been a significant increase during the last few years. Exposure to screens for a long time can raise concerns and should be taken into consideration to protect our eyes from the blue light as eyes are an integral part of our body and the most sensitive one.

How are Blue Light Glasses Helpful?

We all heard about the screen glasses, blue light protectors, screen lenses. These names are summarized in a single name known as blue light glasses. Some of the eyewear brands call it blue-light eyeglasses. These glasses come with a filter on the lenses that blocks blue light and helps protect your eyes. It is impossible to stay away from electronic devices in today's world. To resolve this issue, SmartBuyGlasses, an eyewear retailer, provides glasses with zFORT® blue light blocking, a great feature of blue light blocking technology. It can help in the reduction of eye strain and the improvement of sleep.

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