Ardeche. Aluna Festival, just before Stromae arrived

In June 2019, Kendji Grac moved many spectators to their knees.

Ardeche. Aluna Festival, just before Stromae arrived

In June 2019, Kendji Grac moved many spectators to their knees. They had returned to the shuttles in hopes of reliving new emotions starting June 2020. We know the rest of this story. Tomorrow will see a new chapter with Stromae, the Belgian artist, as headlining. He also returns from another form confinement. All will have to get their bearings and recall the joy of being together.

Watering turnstiles will be able to withstand the heat. It is well-remembered that the Aluna heat wave of 2019 was already in full swing. The official festival shop will be fully stocked this year with all types of headgear, fans, water bottles, and cup holders. You need to quench your thirst in order to avoid dehydration.

The festival of the southern Ardeche did not hesitate to move its location after the pandemic. Jean Boucher, the Founding President, continued to invest in improving the welcome of artists and volunteers. This is what thousands of people will see at the Jenifer space on Thursday. Jean Boucher reflects: "The main 20,000 volt line will be the most visible to spectators. It was located near the stage and crossed the pit. We buried it near the edge of the city in partnership with Enedis. Three 100 kilovolt-ampere transformers (kVA), have been added to the electrical network. The new stage has been moved 11 meters back without altering the gauge so that the pit feels more airy.

Two new bars will be available for spectators. They are made of solid and have a larger capacity. This will allow volunteers to work in better conditions. On the side of the marquee, two LED screens have been installed.

The shuttle system is another major change. The shuttle service will cost 3 euros round trip from Ruoms. It features larger buses and better rotations. The bus drivers will take festival-goers to their entrance gates. However, there are modifications as a pedestrian path has been created and lit at the new bus station. This will allow for 13 buses to be parked.

Jean Boucher needed to solve the problem because, "for the same product, the increase is in the cost of transportation is 40% for us." The entrance ticket went from 55 euros to 56 euros. This is because inflation, equipment and artists' fees are all included in the price. It's a complicated post-Covid recovery financially. The main Ruoms road will be closed at 3:30 p.m. Visitors will be able park in the stadium parking lot accessible via the Vallon-Pont-d'Arc or Aubenas roads.

Concerning the reception and catering for artists and volunteers, the catering was built in solid form.

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