Attorney: Former pitcher Wasn't driving recklessly, Isn't responsible for incident leading to two deaths

Scott Erickson, a former MLB pitcher who played with six teams and pitched a no-hitter in 1994, is confronting a reckless driving fee in connection with an alleged hit accident at California where another motorist hit and killed two young brothers, according to reports.

Attorney: Former pitcher Wasn't driving recklessly, Isn't responsible for incident leading to two deaths

Another motorist was Rebecca Grossman, the spouse of a burn centre creator who was formerly charged with murder along with vehicular manslaughter, based on FOX 11 of Los Angeles along with other news outlets.

The boys, ages 8 and 11, were struck while walking together with their parents along with two other relatives at a marked crosswalk on Sept. 29 at Westlake Village, a neighborhood about 37 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, FOX 11 reported.

Earlier news reports, mentioning researchers, said that minutes before the incident happened, Erickson, 52, was rushing against Grossman, 57, of Hidden Hills. Erickson's attorney, Mark Werksman of Los Angeles, denied that assertion, saying in an email to Fox News:"Mr. Erickson wasn't driving recklessly or irresponsibly at the time of this episode. To indicate he was rushing is untrue and absurd. He handed the crosswalk in query safely and before the injury that led to the tragic deaths of both kids. He'll confront the cost of reckless driving court at which we're confident he'll prevail and clear his name."

He has a court date March 16, the channel reported.

Grossman was detained on the afternoon of the collision and released on bail Oct. 1. She had been charged Dec. 30 with two felony counts each of murder and vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, and a single felony count of hit-and-run driving resulting in death, FOX 11 reported.

Prosecutors alleged that Grossman continued driving striking the boys, stopping about a quarter-mile away.

She has pleaded not guilty to the charges, which might send her to jail for up to 34 years if convicted, ESPN reported.

Erickson played MLB teams in 1990 to 2006, such as the Twins, Orioles, Mets, Rangers, Dodgers and Yankees. He was a part of the Twins' 1991 World Series champions.

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