Ayleen A.: Dead 14-year-old in Teufelssee: Suspect was in psychiatry for sexual offenses

Three days after the discovery of 14-year-old Ayleen A.

Ayleen A.: Dead 14-year-old in Teufelssee: Suspect was in psychiatry for sexual offenses

Three days after the discovery of 14-year-old Ayleen A., much remains unclear. "The investigating public prosecutor's office and the police will do everything in their power to clarify the background quickly," said Freiburg's police chief, Franz Semling, at the press conference on the case.

The fact that the body was in the water for several days made the work of the forensic doctor more difficult, said the head of the public prosecutor's office in Freiburg, Dieter Inhofer. A first autopsy did not provide any precise information on the cause of death. The autopsy had only revealed that the body found in the Hessian Wettertau district was the missing 14-year-old Ayleen A. from Gottenheim, Baden-Württemberg.

Investigators have yet to figure out exactly how Ayleen came to Hesse. According to information from the chief criminal director, Arno Englen, the 14-year-old was brought to Hesse in a car by a male. It is unclear whether she got there voluntarily or was abducted. Investigations were also still ongoing on the exact route, said Englen.

After finding the body, investigators searched the suspect's home. Objects belonging to Ayleen were found there. To protect the ongoing investigation, the officials did not want to disclose which items were involved.

The suspect is said to be a 29-year-old with German citizenship who had already been admitted to a psychiatric hospital in 2007 for a sexual offense. After ten years he was released. According to investigators, the accused is currently in custody on suspicion of murder. There is an urgent suspicion of murder against the 29-year-old with the intention of concealing it. The man is also accused of confiscating a minor and sexual assault. Victims and perpetrators are said to have known each other beforehand via the Internet.

In the further investigation, the exact cause of Ayleen's death should now be clarified, for example whether drugs were involved or whether the young person drowned.

14-year-old Ayleen A. from the wine-growing community in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district disappeared on the evening of July 21st. As the police initially reported, the girl left her parents' house around 6 p.m. to bring a hoodie to a friend in the same place. On the way there, their trail was lost. A subsequent search operation involving hundreds of police officers, volunteers, dogs and helicopters was unsuccessful. The police were searching for the teenager with high pressure.

After the girl's death, mourners laid flowers and candles in front of the town hall in Gottheim.

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