Bac 2022. Results of the Baccalaureate in Your City or Department

Today is the day of truth! This is the day for approximately 710,000 candidates to the 2022 Baccalaureate.

Bac 2022. Results of the Baccalaureate in Your City or Department

Today is the day of truth! This is the day for approximately 710,000 candidates to the 2022 Baccalaureate. The baccalaureate results will be available online by Tuesday morning at the academies. We will also make them available as soon as they are published. Catch-up exams will begin on Wednesday and continue until Friday.

As last year, 53.7 percent of candidates presented the general Baccalaureate. This consists of a core of subjects, two specialist courses, and 26.2% the vocational. 20%, the technological.

After two years of interruption by the Covid, the general baccalaureate tests were held in full this year. Due to the current health crisis, both specialty tests had to be rescheduled from March to May. Mid-June saw the correctors of these tests stating that some marks had been raised without their consent. The ministry quickly swept aside the controversy by stating that there were no national instructions to increase the notes.

The 2019 reform of the Baccalaureate marks is 40% on continuous assessment and 60% upon final tests (written French and oral French, both passed in Premiere, as well philosophy specialty tests and grand or, all passed in Terminale).

Since 2012, the baccalaureate pass rates have surpassed 80%. With 735,200 applicants and 689,000 graduates last year, the success rate was 93.7%.

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