"Bachelorette" distributes kisses: who wants to do it again, who hasn't yet?

Before the fourth night of roses, the bachelorette takes what she wants.

"Bachelorette" distributes kisses: who wants to do it again, who hasn't yet?

Before the fourth night of roses, the bachelorette takes what she wants. In the meantime, three Knutsch candidates are already greeting from the favorites podium. A fourth, previously supposedly promising candidate, pulls the ripcord shortly before the decision (finally).

The Bachelorette feels "inspired" and ready "for the next steps". Such water level reports are of course well received in the men's villa. After all, between protein shakes, pink pool toys and designer slippers, you want to get to your goal of roses as quickly as possible. But not everyone always sits in the front row.

The Bachelorette still has to make a preselection. The really crisp individual dates are still a long way off. That's how you have to convince the group. Messrs Umut, Dominik, Hannes and Alex put a lot of effort into the boozy "Bamboo Rafting". Even monsoon-like rainfall, an imaginary giant spider and an ant that brazenly "empties" itself on the Bachelorette's arm cannot spoil the good mood.

After an entertaining day in the Thai jungle, three more prince charming can look forward to a group date with the bachelorette the next morning. This time Sharon has her sights set on the testosterone trio Emanuell, Lukas and Tom. Full of anticipation, the magical Mucki triangle plunges into an amusing flirting game in which you have to reenact well-known scenes from the film. It doesn't matter whether it's "Love Actually", "Titanic" or "Susi

Emanuell is still so "on fire" during the follow-up date that he puts his hard shell aside and surprisingly opens up emotionally. "I didn't have a nice childhood," admits the man from Munich. The stirring disclosure of old wounds also takes Sharon quite a bit. And yet the bachelorette is still missing one or the other piece of the puzzle fortunately: "It was nice with Emanuell, but I need more, the pictures have to be even more colorful," sums up Sharon.

In addition to the two newcomers to the kissing Olympus, Lukas and Emanuell, there are two other candidates, Jan and Max, who the Bachelorette has already dealt with intensively. At the paragliding date, kiss opener Jan and Max, who is actually more into "curvy women", should recommend themselves for another rose. For the kicker from Cologne, this date also ends in an emotional fiasco. Again, Max hides behind non-existent "sexual attraction". The bachelorette just shakes her head: "You're really a blatant nursing case!" The leading actress rumbles.

While Max turns away, Jan takes the chance and purses his lips greedily in the presence of Sharon. Under the umbrella (the paragliding had to be canceled due to the weather) the strapping florist picked up his second season kiss. Sharon has tasted blood now. Before the fourth rose decision, the bachelorette walks willingly and easily inflammable from one speed talk to the next. In the meantime, not only Lukas, Emanuell and Jan, who is lurking around every corner ready to be kissed and fumbled, are on the list of favourites. Party bomb Umut and Steffen can also have hopes. "Umut has something about him, and Steffen does something to me," admits the Bachelorette.

But so much craving can also cause confusion. After a wild party, a lot of alcohol, an early format-off by Max ("I think it's best if I go") and secret kissing attacks behind Thai boxwood hedges, Sharon reaches her limits: "I want everyone in the Getting to know Villa, but somehow I can't make it," the Bachelorette sobbed. Two Baileys later, Basti and Tim have to pack their bags. The field clears. Next week we'll talk about the top ten. Sharon will be happy.

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