"Bachelorette" draws "blank": "Bald and bald understand each other!"

Just in time for the format tea break, the bachelorette gets rid of its last emotional chain.

"Bachelorette" draws "blank": "Bald and bald understand each other!"

Just in time for the format tea break, the bachelorette gets rid of its last emotional chain. A very special door opens for sports cannon Lukas. He is the first to embrace the shaved bachelorette.

Halftime in Phuket! The fight for the heart of the Bachelorette is getting more and more intense. While the main actress still doesn't know exactly where the love journey is going after four eventful weeks, the only ten prince charming who are now present are still optimistically at attention. Even permanent doubter Emanuell wants to know again, even if he has now realized that he "totally underestimated" the big picture.

Tanzbär Umut sees it a little more relaxed: "I'm doing my thing here, I don't give a damn about what others think of me," says the stocky bearded man from Ravensburg. Meanwhile, Lukas, who is pushing himself more and more to the fore, has only one goal in mind: "In the end, I want to have the cream cake!", the bald man clicks his tongue self-confidently. Speaking of bald: there was something else.

After a rather unspectacular group date on the beach with subsequent "overtime" for amateur flatulence Steffen ("I've slipped out of one while playing sports"), whose bright and humorous nature is rewarded with a passionate kiss, Sharon makes himself in the presence of fellow hairstyler Lukas ready for your personal "outing". In addition to the bull from the Alster, who is always in a good mood, the bachelorette feels the most comfortable: "We tick very similarly," admits Sharon with a lovely grin on her face. Seconds later, the bachelorette walks into the limelight without a wig.

After a short handicraft fun with interspersed love messages and an intimate body painting exploration tour, the time has finally come. Sharon drops the "mask". Luke's reaction makes the Bachelorette's heart leap for joy in the triangle. "Cool, bald and bald understand each other!" Prince Charming takes all the pressure out of the situation. Sharon's face reflects gratitude, joy and pride.

While a motley firework display lights up the evening sky, two shaven heads cuddle up together, who at this moment can't imagine anything more beautiful. "He gave me an incredible feeling and made sure that my expectations of this moment were totally exceeded," says the Bachelorette. Yes, Luke is doing everything right. With his loving and calm nature, he hits the bull's eye with Sharon. She doesn't even get along anymore: "Lukas turned my head, my heart beats twice as fast as usual," summarizes the bachelorette after an evening of great feelings.

With the realization that Lukas is now miles ahead of many of his competitors, everyone involved begins the fifth night of the roses. Undeterred and undeterred, colleagues Jan, Dominik and Alex, who are still ready to court, continue to go full throttle. According to Stas, the "new hairstyle" only makes the bachelorette "even hotter". Emanuell also conquers his inner demons of jealousy and dares to take the step forward. His greatest wish that evening remains unfulfilled ("I would like to kiss you here now"). But Emanuell "is back", still "on fire" and ready to fight for the heart of his dream woman.

Lukas observes the testosterone-controlled demeanor comfortably and relaxed from a distance, knowing full well that in the here and now nobody can really pose a threat to him - neither a recovered Emanuell nor a Hannes or a Stas. The latter two have to pack their bags this time. Saying goodbye is particularly difficult for the sentimental Stas: "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met." sniff.