Baden-Württemberg: CDU urges temporary continued operation of nuclear power plants

That should not suit the green coalition partner at all.

Baden-Württemberg: CDU urges temporary continued operation of nuclear power plants

That should not suit the green coalition partner at all. The state CDU is touching on the taboo nuclear phase-out at the end of the year. But in the face of an impending energy shortage in winter, there is only one priority: security of supply.

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) - The CDU in Baden-Württemberg is pushing for slightly longer runtimes for nuclear power plants in Germany due to the impending energy shortage in winter. According to a position paper by the CDU state executive entitled "Avoid collapse, achieve goals" on energy policy, the party is sticking to the decision to phase out nuclear energy. "In view of the impending emergency situation, however, existing capacities that can be safely generated must not be dispensed with in this crisis." In this situation, it is wrong to switch off the three remaining German reactors - including Neckarwestheim II in the Heilbronn district - at the end of the year.

"Highest Railway": CDU pushes traffic lights

CDU state chief and interior minister Thomas Strobl said on Monday after the online meeting of the state executive: "The throttling of gas supplies from Russia and the declaration of the second alarm level of the gas emergency plan are exacerbating the situation and making good solutions imperative. The security of supply for this winter has priority now." At the same time, the self-imposed climate goals must be achieved. The ball is now in the hands of the traffic light government, a national effort is needed. "We now need an emergency plan with replacement purchases of gas, savings measures and alternatives to the gas supply." It is "highest level" that the traffic light is acting.

Neckarwestheim supplies a sixth of the electricity in the state

The south-west CDU accused the federal government of not having openly examined a longer term as promised - despite the foreseeable consequences for Russian energy supplies from the Ukraine war. "A decision must now be made about temporary continued operation beyond the end of the year," says the position paper. The Union recalled that the kiln in Neckarwestheim produces a sixth of the electricity in Baden-Württemberg. This cannot be avoided in winter, when the federal government believes that there is a risk of an energy emergency.

Theoretically, a somewhat longer operation would be possible

At the weekend, the Ministry of the Environment said that the nuclear power plant could theoretically remain connected to the grid longer than planned and continue to run into the coming year. A spokesman stated: "The fuel rods could last until February, with 50 percent less power." But this is purely hypothetical. Environment Minister Thekla Walker (Greens) has stated that she does not consider it necessary to extend the term. She is in line with Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens), who does not consider longer operation of the nuclear power plants to be responsible for safety reasons.

CDU wants more funding for geothermal energy, biomass and hydropower

The Union's position paper was mainly penned by the climate and energy expert and member of the Bundestag Andreas Jung and his colleague Raimund Haser. In order to save gas, which is used to generate electricity, alternatives such as oil and coal in particular would have to be used in the short term. "This is a serious damper for climate protection - the situation shows how far there is a gap between desire and reality in crisis situations," the paper says. In it they also call for a boost for the expansion of renewable energies. However, the traffic light does not use all its potential. "The possibilities of geothermal energy are not being exhausted, biomass is capped and hydropower is gradually being dried up," Strobl complained.

For the CDU, saving energy is the first civic duty

From the point of view of the Union, saving energy is also part of the national tour de force. The auction model for voluntary savings in the economy announced by the traffic light must now be launched quickly. "An incentive program for mass heating optimization is also needed for private households," demands the CDU. "From now on, all public buildings must save on cooling, heating and lighting where this is reasonable." That is an important signal. "Rooms that are heated one degree less reduce gas consumption by up to seven percent." Energy savers should also be relieved and rewarded.

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