Baden-Württemberg: Frustrated Freiburgers look ahead

SC Freiburg does not want to be dragged down by the first competitive defeat of the season.

Baden-Württemberg: Frustrated Freiburgers look ahead

SC Freiburg does not want to be dragged down by the first competitive defeat of the season. Flutschfinger Flekken has a lot of support after the 1: 3 against Dortmund. In the coming games, the Badeners want to build on their good performance.

Freiburg (dpa / lsw) - tick it off, carry on. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves for too long after the bitter 1:3 (1:0) defeat against Borussia Dortmund, they want to work at SC Freiburg to reward themselves for their effort in the upcoming away game at VfB Stuttgart. "It's about how you deal with it. Whether you talk all the time about how unhappy it was or whether you look forward to making sure that you can show such a performance again," said coach Christian Streich. "It's always about attitude." For the upcoming tasks in the Bundesliga, this is particularly required for goalkeeper Mark Flekken.

The Dutchman was the tragic figure of the evening against Dortmund on Friday because a supposedly harmless shot by Jamie Bynoe-Gittens slipped away - and the Sport-Club after the Englishman's 1-1 game. "He made a mistake, just like we all make mistakes. No problem," said Streich and demonstratively protected the 29-year-old. Just like the fans, who encouraged the unlucky fellow with chants after the final whistle. And like Flekken's teammates.

"We're totally behind him," emphasized midfielder Nicolas Höfler. "We know about his qualities." As the season progresses, Flekken, who is otherwise a very reliable keeper, will certainly "show them again and save us a lot of points," Höfler continued.

Freiburg were on the verge of beating BVB at home for the third time in a row. The fact that after three Dortmund joker goals in the final quarter of an hour was the first competitive defeat of the young season, the Baden visibly hurt. "Football is brutal," said Coach Streich, who had seen his team "play well" and was "satisfied" with their performance. Just not with the result. Instead of a possible six, the SC now has three points after two matchdays. "We have to take with us that we did a lot of things right and build on that," said veteran Höfler.

After all, there are several encouragers: newcomer Michael Gregoritsch scored for the second time in his second league game for the Breisgauer. Even against a top team like runner-up Dortmund, SC can create plenty of chances up front and keep the big danger at bay for a long time at the back - also thanks to the returnee Matthias Ginter, who was integrated right away. In the condition of Friday, the Europa League participant can be expected again this season. And according to Streich, "the probability is not small" that victories will soon be celebrated again. The first chance of that comes in the state duel with Stuttgart next Saturday.

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