Stuttgart (dpa/lsw) – For the first time in June, the innkeepers and hoteliers in the southwest had as much money in their tills as before the pandemic. Mainly because of the price increases, sales were 0.2 percent higher than in June 2019, as the State Statistical Office announced on Friday. This is the first time that the value of a comparison month before the Corona crisis was reached. In real terms, i.e. adjusted for price increases, sales were 11.6 percent below the pre-crisis level.

According to the figures, bars in particular are suffering from the effects of the pandemic. When it comes to serving drinks, the sales figures were still well below the measured value in June 2019, at 10 percent nominal and 26 percent in real terms. In accommodation and gastronomy, the nominal figures were slightly above the value for June before the crisis, but price-adjusted lower in each case.

Compared to the weak June 2021, the hospitality industry did significantly better business in June this year. Price-adjusted sales increased by almost 40 percent. The statisticians recorded a nominal increase of around 49 percent. The number of employees rose by 18 percent compared to the same month last year.