Baden-Württemberg: State lifts control of the third vaccination almost everywhere

The general corona vaccination has failed.

Baden-Württemberg: State lifts control of the third vaccination almost everywhere

The general corona vaccination has failed. So it remained the case that only employees in care had to present proof of vaccination. Now there should be a relief like in Bavaria.

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) - Most employees in clinics and nursing homes in the southwest do not have to prove a third corona vaccination. Health Minister Manne Lucha wants to relieve the facilities and health authorities of bureaucracy. The Greens politician told the German Press Agency: "Since the facility-related vaccination requirement is to expire at the end of the year, it would not be possible to finally check people without the appropriate evidence by then." Lucha is thus giving in to a demand from the hospital society and the district council. However, the exemption only applies to employees who were hired before October 1, 2022, the minister clarified.

The background to this appointment is that from the beginning of October, the statutory regulation of the federal government provides that only people who have been vaccinated three times or who have been vaccinated at least twice and who have survived the infection are considered fully immunized. “However, in Baden-Württemberg, people who are currently employed in affected facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals do not have to be asked to provide renewed proof of full vaccination protection,” explained Lucha. He thus follows the regulation in neighboring Bavaria. "From October 1st, only people who are to be newly hired will have to provide the management of the facilities with proof that meets the stricter requirements then in force." So far, two vaccinations have been sufficient.

The vaccination requirement has been in effect since mid-March. Since then, clinics, homes and facilities, practices and outpatient services have had to report employees to the health department who have not been vaccinated or have recovered or who have doubts about the authenticity of the evidence presented. Lucha had always defended the regulation against criticism and regretted that the Bundestag could not agree on an extended vaccination requirement, for example for older people. Now he said: "Vaccination is still important to prevent severe courses and we not only promote it, but also continue to actively support the implementation of vaccinations on the part of the country."

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