Traditional costume tradition apart from the Oktoberfest dirndl and the FC Bayern lederhosen: This is what the traditional costume market in Greding, Middle Franconia, has to offer.

Greding (dpa / lby) – Tracht is much more than the Oktoberfest dirndl – this is shown by the traditional costume market in Greding in Middle Franconia. The event was canceled twice due to the corona pandemic, and now traditional costume fans and experts from all over Germany will come together again on Saturday and Sunday (September 3rd and 4th).

As the regional association for homeland care announced, old handicraft techniques are shown, for example, with which traditional costumes were sometimes very elaborately made in the past: white and quill embroidery, bead knitting, pleating, bobbin lace.

The main focus of the traditional costume market are traditional costumes from the former German-speaking areas in Eastern Central Europe: The Transylvanian Saxons will present their colorful traditional costumes and also provide insights into their history and culture.