Würzburg (dpa / lby) – A cargo ship that has been standing on the Main in Würzburg for two days was towed free on Sunday. A new attempt was successful, said a spokesman for the city of Würzburg. Among other things, the matter was approached with several and stronger boats. In addition, more space has been created for maneuvering.

The ship, which is more than 100 meters long, should now drive to a pier under its own power and then be examined in detail for damage. The old Main Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists has now been released again.

The city spokesman said the rising water levels would have raised the ship. On the one hand, this could have made the towing attempt easier, but at the same time the cargo ship touched the restaurant ship “Mainkuh” lying next to it, which is now also to be examined for damage. The “Mainkuh” was then relocated to create more space for the manoeuvre.

According to initial findings, the cause of the incident at the Würzburg lock was probably a driving error by the 35-year-old skipper, the police said. The ship, which according to the city of Würzburg loaded around 2,700 tons of asphalt granulate, was then driven sideways and was unable to manoeuvre. The investigation is ongoing.