Bavaria: High school teachers deterred from additional tasks

The shortage of teachers is slowly reaching the grammar schools as well.

Bavaria: High school teachers deterred from additional tasks

The shortage of teachers is slowly reaching the grammar schools as well. There is actually a simple solution: Many teachers only work part-time and could increase their hours. A survey shows that those affected would definitely work more - if it were just teaching.

Munich (dpa / lby) - Meetings, concepts and organizational stuff: In theory, the looming shortage of teachers in Bavaria's high schools could be alleviated by increasing part-time positions - but in practice, additional tasks that are not related to teaching deter many people who work part-time. This is the result of a survey by the Bavarian Association of Philologists (bpv), which is available to the German Press Agency. The association, which represents teachers at grammar schools and vocational high schools, is therefore calling for more support staff at schools and a significant reduction in the burden on teachers of extracurricular activities.

"There is a "silent reserve" of teaching staff slumbering in the teachers' rooms," explained bpv chairman Michael Schwägerl. "It works part-time and would be willing to add hours under the right conditions." However, well over half of almost 5,000 teachers stated in an internal association survey that additional organizational and administrative tasks and a large number of school appointments outside of class prevented them from doing so.

In addition, there would be substitutions and the correction effort, also due to subsequent performance records. "Both of these have increased significantly in the past school year due to frequent and long-lasting absences," explained Schwägerl. With a view to planning and thus the compatibility of family and work, a lot has already happened at the local schools.

"The result couldn't be clearer: the colleagues want to teach and want to have enough time for it," emphasized Schwägerl. However: "Additional projects at the schools, required concepts, external evaluation, specialist meetings, school events, staff meetings - the more social and educational policy concerns are brought to the schools, the more the core business of teaching recedes into the background."

There has been a glaring shortage of teachers at elementary, middle and special schools in Bavaria for a long time. According to the bpv, this is also a threat to high schools in the future: After more than 1000 teachers were hired for the next school year, the waiting lists are now empty, according to the association. The Association of Philologists intends to present the detailed results of the member survey at the beginning of September.

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