Bavaria: Mask requirement in Bavaria's local transport ended

In some buses and trains in Bavaria, many passengers have been traveling without masks for weeks.

Bavaria: Mask requirement in Bavaria's local transport ended

In some buses and trains in Bavaria, many passengers have been traveling without masks for weeks. This has been officially allowed since midnight. But there are good reasons for protecting your mouth and nose.

Munich (dpa / lby) - More than two and a half years after it was introduced, the obligation to wear a mask on buses and trains in local transport has come to an end in Bavaria. The state government decided last Tuesday to end the mask requirement to protect against infection with the corona virus. It came into force at the end of December 9th. The mask requirement is no longer proportionate because other viral diseases such as influenza now have to be treated more frequently in hospitals than corona diseases.

However, there is no legal basis for a mask requirement for such diseases. "The Federal Infection Protection Act only offers an explicit basis for a general mask requirement because of Corona. To combat long-known, regularly seasonal pathogens such as influenza and RS virus, the IfSG does not provide for general mask requirements," said Bavaria's Health Minister Klaus Holetschek ( CSU). The new regulation is valid until January 20, 2023.

Holetschek still advocates wearing a mask voluntarily. "Instead of the obligation to wear masks, we are now relying on personal responsibility and consideration. One thing is clear: masks protect against respiratory infections," said the Minister of Health.

Together with Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter (CSU), he is therefore appealing to continue wearing a mask in public transport - even if it is no longer mandatory. "In this way, everyone helps to protect themselves and, above all, people who are particularly at risk - not only from corona, but also from the influenza virus and the RS virus, both of which are currently widespread."

Bernreiter explained that "the mask requirement in public transport has been an important building block for the last two and a half years to keep the pandemic under control as much as possible." Against the background of the more relaxed Corona situation, the mask requirement is now no longer applicable in all local and regional public transport in Bavaria - i.e. in local trains, S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains, trams and buses. Since regional transport - such as regional trains such as RegionalBahn, RegionalExpress and Meridian - is part of local transport, there is no need to wear a mask there either.

The mask requirement in long-distance transport, including Intercity Express, ICE Sprinter, TGV, Intercity, Eurocity, RailJet and EuroNight, which was enacted on the basis of federal law, remains unaffected in Bavaria and therefore continues to exist. In addition, FFP2 mask requirements in vulnerable facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals, as well as for patients and visitors to doctor's offices and other outpatient medical facilities, continue to apply until April 7th.

Employees in certain medical facilities as well as residents and visitors to certain community facilities must continue to wear masks in Bavaria. People who have tested positive for Corona are also still obliged to wear a mask - even on buses and trains.

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