Bayern: Nuremberg "headless" at times: pressure before the Franconia derby

A controversial penalty pulls the "plug" on 1.

Bayern: Nuremberg "headless" at times: pressure before the Franconia derby

A controversial penalty pulls the "plug" on 1. FC Nuremberg. The trip to FC St. Pauli was an early disappointment for coach Robert Klauß's ambitious Franks. The pressure increases before the derby.

Hamburg (dpa / lby) - Robert Klauß cleared his throat and then briefly scratched his left cheek. When asked about the controversial penalty whistle in the opening setback against FC St. Pauli, the coach of 1. FC Nuremberg weighed his words carefully. "I have to be careful with what I say," admitted Klauss after the 2: 3 (0: 3) in Hamburg on Saturday. But it was simply "not correct to give a penalty in the situation."

What happened? First, the ambitious "club" once again conceded a goal by Jackson Irvine (24th minute) after a set piece. After that, Lukas Daschner from Hamburg went down in the penalty area in a running duel with Nuremberg captain Christopher Schindler. Referee Florian Heft decided on a controversial penalty kick and refrained from viewing the TV images.

"The penalty situation looked to me as if he just fell forward. The referee couldn't explain to me exactly what he whistled on the pitch," Schindler explained the scene that Leart Paqarada (37th) made to the 2: 0 of the hosts used. "That pulled the plug on us," said Klauss and said about the minutes after the momentous whistle: "Then we had the phase before half-time where we were headless."

Daschner (39th) even increased before the break and left puzzled footballers from Franconia behind. "The 3-0 broke our necks," said new striker Kwadwo Duah. The Swiss (46th) was successful for FCN shortly after half-time and thus gave hope for the guests, who want to end up in the first third of the table this season, to catch up.

However, FC St. Pauli controlled the action and only made a big mistake on the defensive just before the final whistle when defender Jakov Medic returned a header to his own goalkeeper. Substitute Enrico Valentini took advantage of that, but his goal (90.3) came much too late.

"Of course we're disappointed. We definitely didn't want to lose the first game, we wanted to win," said Klauss, who started with the three newcomers Jan Gyamerah (Hamburger SV), Christoph Daferner (Dynamo Dresden) and Duah (FC St. Gallen). would have.

Before the Franconian derby against relegated SpVgg Greuther Fürth, which started with a 2-2 win against Holstein Kiel, Nuremberg are already under a lot of pressure. "It's going to be a completely different game. We're going to do everything we can to win this game," announced Duah. "Everyone will give 100 percent."

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