Beautiful feet: comparison of callus socks: This is where the products differ

In principle, callus socks are nothing more than foot masks that you can buy in pairs.

Beautiful feet: comparison of callus socks: This is where the products differ

In principle, callus socks are nothing more than foot masks that you can buy in pairs. They contain an emulsion designed to nourish your feet while moisturizing them. Depending on the manufacturer, different ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter or urea are used, which penetrate the skin and soften it. This process may even allow your feet to be "peeled" by removing the old calluses. This is mainly related to the number of calloused areas, how much skin is shed. The purpose of the callus socks is to ensure that your feet are smooth and supple again after the treatment. Before the first application, however, there are a few things to consider.

Important note: Even if the application is very simple, it also harbors risks - triggered by allergic reactions. To find out whether your skin is hypersensitive to the ingredients, you should spread the emulsion of the callus socks with a finger on a small area of ​​your skin and leave it on for ten minutes. If you do not show any reaction, you can start treatment.

1. SUMMER FOOT Premium Fußmaske

These callus socks from Summer Foot should not only be able to remove calluses, but also cracks, calluses and cracked skin. According to the manufacturer, the foot masks have been dermatologically tested and contain valuable ingredients such as urea and cucumber extract. After use, your feet should remain smooth and supple for two to three months.

There are also special premium foot masks for men.

2. Scholl EXPERTCARE Intensively nourishing foot mask

According to the Scholl company, these callus socks also contain valuable ingredients (such as macadamia oil, urea, shea butter and panthenol), which are distributed evenly over the foot via the fleece on the inside of the mask and should be quickly absorbed by the skin - without being greasy. According to the instructions on the packaging, the socks must be allowed to act for 20 minutes.

3. Plantifique Natural Gel Anti Callus Socks

Plantifique also advertises with dermatologically tested callus socks. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients (castor oil, aloe vera and peach stone) are based on a unique French formula: they are said to be able to remove dry skin and repair cracked heels. And that after an exposure time of 60 to 90 minutes.

4. MayBeau Lavender Foot Mask

This product from Aliver contains callus socks with lavender for dry, coarse, calloused (non-sensitive) feet: According to the manufacturer, they must be worn for around 20 to 30 minutes so that the ingredients can fully penetrate your skin. After five to seven days, the dead skin cells should then come off.

5. Korea Cosmetic Fußpeeling Mask

Korea Cosmetics even goes a step further and advertises that its foot peeling masks consist only of cruelty-free ingredients. However, the manufacturer does not reveal exactly what the emulsion of the callus socks is made of - according to their own statements, it is probably about nurturing extracts that are supposed to ensure beautiful and callus-free feet.

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