Belgium: Euthanasia granted to a woman after a rape

Nathalie Huygens is 50 years old

Belgium: Euthanasia granted to a woman after a rape

Nathalie Huygens is 50 years old. But this mother, originally from Belgium, decided to die. In 2016, she was the victim of a rape. Despite the presence of her two children and her husband, she has never been able to recover and has lived for seven years in deep mental distress and immense psychological suffering. In Belgium, a patient in an inextricable medical situation can ask to be euthanized if he is able to clearly express his wishes. “Two years ago, I submitted my request for euthanasia, because I only want peace. I want the suffering to stop, to end, ”she told Het Laatste Nieuws, which is relayed by the site 7 of 7.

Nathalie got the green light in January. "Knowing now that I can die is somewhat reassuring," she told Het Laatste Nieuws. However, she has not set a date, because she hopes to be present the day the man who did this to her will be sentenced in civil court. “I will try to hold out until the civil trial […]. It could take place next month or next year. I have to be alive on the first day of court, otherwise the perpetrator can be financially free. […] If there is no civil lawsuit, the perpetrator will not have to bear any responsibility in this area, and this prospect is emotionally unbearable for both me and the children,” she said. also explained. In criminal cases, Nathalie's rapist has already been convicted. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Nathalie's children support her in her approach. Last year, Wout, his 24-year-old son, published an open letter, relayed by 7 out of 7. On the one hand, he wanted to denounce a Belgian law which allows a prisoner to request early release, going out with an electronic bracelet, after serving part of his sentence. But he also wanted to convince justice to grant his mother the right to be euthanized. "Mom is still alive physically, but more mentally," he wrote. In my mom's place, I wouldn't want to live either. »