Best times to play bingo

Bingo has had a seriously wild ride over the last several centuries, starting out as a rudimentary lottery style game in Italy in the 16th century

Best times to play bingo

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Bingo has had a seriously wild ride over the last several centuries, starting out as a rudimentary lottery style game in Italy in the 16th century, before being slowly refined as the years grew on, ultimately ending in Edwin S. Lowe’s vital alterations that led to what we now know as bingo today. 

If it weren’t for this particularly entrepreneurial American businessman the version of bingo we are playing today simply would not exist, and by extension of that it is also doubtful that the online bingo craze that we all know and love in the 21st century would exist either.

Online bingo such as Cracker Bingo has been a particularly huge development in the history of bingo, but what are the best times to play it? Read ahead for the best times to play bingo. 

The first question is what you want to get out of bingo 

There are plenty of times to bingo these days, in fact, nowadays bingo players can quite literally play at the dead of night due to the emergence of online bingo, something that simply would not have been possible back in the day of just bingo halls. Bingo halls are not like casinos you know, they are not open 24/7. Regardless, now because of online bingo we have so many more times that we can play bingo, and this means that the choice of when to play has also got a lot harder. 

It is a difficult choice, and one that can only really be made after you decide exactly what it is you want to get out of bingo in the first place. Are you playing more for the social and communal aspect? Or, on the other hand, are you playing because of the sheer desire to win a shed load of cash? These are the two things you really have to decide on before knowing exactly when the best time to play bingo is. 


So then, if you are playing bingo more out of a determination to win some cash, you might want to consider playing during the week, especially in the mornings, as this is when the least other bingo players will also be online. As a consequence the odds of you winning are going to be much higher, simply because there are less people vying for a win simultaneously. 

But here’s the thing: whilst it is a lot easier to win at this time, the amount of prize money on offer is also bound to be a lot smaller. This is because online bingo providers drop their jackpot sizes when there are less people playing – it’s just common sense! 


If you are playing online bingo in order to socialise more than simply just win the weekends are going to be your best bet, especially in the evenings. This is when the most bingo players tend to congregate at once, and it means that you can get the most socially out of your online bingo playing at these times.

Updated Date: 12 April 2021, 20:11

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