Blanquer will appeal his bitter loss

He doesn't accept his loss in the first round.

Blanquer will appeal his bitter loss

He doesn't accept his loss in the first round. Jean-Michel Blanquer, former Minister of National Education (LREM), was eliminated in Sunday's 4th constituency, Loiret. He announced Monday, June 13, on BFMTV, that he will appeal.

He had mentioned a hypothesis the day before. This was just a few minutes after the results were announced.

Jean-Michel Blanquer was third with 18.89%, just behind Bruno Nottin (19.43%) and Thomas Menage (National Rally) who came first with 31.45%. The former minister was separated from the Nupes candidate by only 189 votes, which deprived him of the right to accession in the second round.

The former minister stated that Candidat Nupes from my constituency acts outrageously all of the time. His verbal abuses are extreme and he has repeatedly attacked I in an inacceptable way," BFMTV reported.

He declared that he would take legal action against the candidate who won me with 180 votes. However, he had violated many electoral rules during his campaign.

"Sponsoring Facebook posts towards voters is forbidden. This includes bringing in people to make me laugh and editing my flyers by saying incorrect things. There are many other things that will knowingly violate election rules. He added that they seem to be allowed to do whatever they want."

Jean-Michel Blanquer is talking about what? Jean-Michel Blanquer appears to be referring in mid May to an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram in support of Nupes. His face is shown opposite Bruno Nottin's. The publication states that the former minister is a "parachute" and invites residents to vote for Nupes. Numerama points to the fact that these advertisements are paid advertising, which is why they are broadcast to a limited number of social network users and asking them to vote for the candidate. Problem: The electoral code prohibits these publications before the elections.

Two angry teachers sprayed him with whipped cream at a market after he had an argument with the former minister.

Jean-Pierre Door (LR) left empty the fourth constituency of Loiret, centered around Gatinais. The latter, who is 80 years old, decided to not run for office after four terms.

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