Body and survivor found on a burning ferry off a Greek island

Greek emergency workers saved a Belarussian truck driver Sunday by rescuing him from a ferry that was on fire off Corfu.

Body and survivor found on a burning ferry off a Greek island


They also found the body and remains of a Greek truck driver while searching for passengers missing. Ten people remain unaccounted for following the discoveries.

21-year-old survivor was able to climb up to the rear deck alone and tell rescue workers that he heard voices from below.

Coast guard spokesperson Nikos Alexiou said that the man's success, despite adverse conditions to get out onto the deck and alert the coastguard... gives us hope there may be other survivors," state broadcaster ERT reported.

His family identified the victim as a Greek truck driver aged 58.

Three hours after leaving Igoumenitsa, Greece, the Euroferry Olympia, owned by Italy, was due to depart for Brindisi, Italy, it caught fire. According to the company operating the ferry, the fire began in a place where vehicles were parked.

Around 280 people were evacuated by the Greek coast guard and other boats from the ferry to Corfu.

The ferry was towed to Kassiopi in northeastern Corfu. The ship was still covered in thick smoke as firefighters battled the flames.

Alexiou stated that he understood that the truck driver had not heard any voices before he made his way onto the deck. However, he added that "the situation was evolving."

Extreme heat has prevented the Greek fire service's Disaster Management Unit from searching the entire ship. Private rescuers were also unable to search the ship due to the extreme heat. The ferry is slightly shaky from the tons of water that was poured into it to put out the fire, but officials say that it is not at risk of capsize.

Saturday saw the rescue of two passengers. The one who was not on the ship's manifest was likely a migrant. The 65-year old truck driver from Bulgaria, was suffering from respiratory problems and is currently on ventilator at Corfu's ICU.

Corfu's Greek prosecutor has ordered an investigation into the causes of the fire. Authorities said that the ship's captain, as well as two engineers, were taken into custody Friday and released that day.

The evacuation was described by passengers as dramatic.

"We heard an alarm. It sounded like a drill. We saw through the holes that people were running through," Dimitris Karaolanidis, a truck driver, told The Associated Press. "You cannot think of anything at once (other than your family). I saw children and smoke when I got on the deck. They (the crew) responded quickly.

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