Body of Kristin Smart, 19, who Vanished in 1996 Could have been'Lately' Transferred from Beneath House: report

Body of Kristin Smart, 19, who Vanished in 1996 Could have been'Lately' Transferred from Beneath House: report

California investigators probing the disappearance of a university student in San Luis Obispo almost 25 decades ago have allegedly found evidence that Kristin Smart's body has been"recently" transferred from beneath the house of the father of the man suspected of murdering her.

She had been a 19-year-old freshman.

His house is about 13 miles from the campus.

Researchers"have of biological evidence which makes them feel the victim was buried under (Ruben Flores') deck at the same time," San Luis Obispo County prosecutors said in court documents, including there's"damning evidence that a human body was buried in that place and recently moved," as stated by the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

The county probation report has been acquired by the paper.

Her body hasn't been discovered.

Ruben Flores pleaded not guilty and has been released on bond. Paul Flores has been held without bond.

"Dozens of girls have recounted Paul Flores' sexual assaults and predatory behaviour that record his 25 years as a serial rapist," prosecutors also stated in court records, according to the paper .

The arrests last week followed considerable improvements in the case recently as new witnesses came forward, researchers tracked Paul Flores' phone and text messages, and investigations were conducted in different houses where Flores, his father, mother and sister reside.

Researchers used ground-penetrating radar along with cadaver dogs throughout the hunt.

Ruben Flores' attorney has disregarded the proof. "The proof is so minimal as to shock the conscience," said lawyer Harold Mesick.

Prosecutor Christopher Peuvrelle cautioned that researchers had discovered substantial new evidence because the hunts last year which finally resulted in the arrests.

"Counsel stated,'There was hardly any fresh evidence,'" Peuvrelle explained, speaking to Robert Sanger, Paul Flores' lawyer. "Well, then he shouldn't have read the exact same merit that I have. There's substantial new evidence"

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