Boris Johnson on Downing Street: "Partygate", lobbying and wallpaper - 3 long years of scandals

Boris Johnson, who was triumphantly elected as Prime Minister in July 2019, and a Brexit hero in 2020 is now preparing to step down from his position through the back door.

Boris Johnson on Downing Street: "Partygate", lobbying and wallpaper - 3 long years of scandals

Boris Johnson, who was triumphantly elected as Prime Minister in July 2019, and a Brexit hero in 2020 is now preparing to step down from his position through the back door. After yet another scandal, the Prime Minister was forced out of office by his own party. "L'Obs," a reporter, takes stock of the major cases that characterized the Johnson era at Downing Street.

Boris Johnson's government was repeatedly questioned for its lack of probity, and links to the private sector. The fall of 2020 saw national media coverage of allegations of "cronyism" regarding the award of mask supply contracts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While some Conservative politicians have been singled out for their lucrative lobbying activities, Owen Paterson, MP, is accused of having lobbyed the government to benefit two companies that paid his salary. Boris Johnson supported a change in the rules for lobbying activity of parliamentarians to prevent him from being suspended. This is a clear maneuver that creates a commotion and forces Boris Johnson to backtrack.

Boris Johnson, a British doctor, recounts to the media a March 3rd 2020 visit to Covid-19 patients in a British hospital. He said, "I was in hospital the other day, where I believe there are a few Covid victims, and I shook hands with everyone."

He said he had tested positive for HIV on March 27th, and was admitted to hospital on April 5. He was taken to intensive care the next day and remained there for three more days. He was then transferred to intensive care, where he remained for three days.

The Channel is also critical of his chaotic handling of the crisis. 178,000 people have died as a result. He has been accused of not adequately protecting residents in retirement homes and delaying action on March 2020. The Conservative Party also criticized him after 99 members of his party voted against the introduction a health pass.

Boris Johnson is attempting to settle scores with Dominic Cummings when he becomes overwhelmed by a new scandal in spring 2021. It concerns the renovation of his Downing Street apartment. Media reports claim that the cost of the renovation would have been 200,000 pounds (230,000 euro) which is far higher than the 30,000 pounds paid by public funds. It would also have included gold wallpaper, at nearly 900 pounds per roll.

The Prime Minister denies that he personally paid for the renovation and an investigation has been opened. The electoral commission, which oversees the accounts of political parties and imposes fines of up to 16,250 pounds (roughly 19,000 euros) against the Conservative Party. It was revealed that the party had not disclosed the total amount of the donation. This was used to fund the renovation. For breaching the accounting record-keeping obligation, a further fine of 1,550 Pounds (or 1,800 Euros) was added.

The Johnson era's biggest scandal is revealed in December 2021. According to media reports, parties were illegally kept in Downing Street under lockdown while Britons faced increasing restrictions. The number of parties is increasing over the weeks. Sometimes, they are sometimes supported by photos. This angers the British, who decry a "double standard". Multiple investigations are ongoing.

Boris Johnson, a Prime Minister in Office, announced in mid-April that he was subject to a fine by the police for violating the law. He had taken part in a surprise drink on his birthday in June 2020 at Downing Street. He continues to face Parliament and signs that he has not broken the rules.

The scandal ruined the reputation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and calls for his resignation grew in the opposition. Even within his own camp, critics are heard. However, Boris Johnson survives an early June vote of no confidence by MPs. It was a short-lived victory.

Chris Pincher, who was appointed in February as deputy chief for parliamentary disciplinion of Conservative MPs, was forced to resign June 30. He was accused of touching two men, including an MP according to Sky News, in front of witnesses at a private London club. This led to complaints to the party.

Boris Johnson initially denied having heard about older allegations, but was later discredited by an ex-high ranking official. Downing Street eventually admits on Tuesday that Boris Johnson was indeed informed in 2019 about allegations against Chris Pincher but that he "forgot" to name him. The Prime Minister then apologized, admitting that Pincher's appointment had been a mistake.

Boris Johnson, who was once again accused of lying, said that he believed it was a mistake to appoint him as government secretary.

This is the final straw for Boris Johnson supporters. Johnson would have thought it was a good idea to continue despite the defections from his entourage, which reached nearly sixty by midday Thursday. Johnson announced his resignation as the Conservative Party's head on Thursday after three years of turmoil. He will continue to manage the day-to-day operations until his successor is chosen.

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