Boris Johnson's government is shaken by a new sex scandal

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, is already in trouble due to scandals.

Boris Johnson's government is shaken by a new sex scandal

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, is already in trouble due to scandals. He now faces a new problem: The resignation of a member his government following sexual assault allegations. This is the latest in a series.

After a week spent abroad, the curator is struggling to return home. Due to the soaring costs, social conflicts are increasing and he has to start a new business.

On Thursday, June 30, 2012, Deputy Leader Whip Chris Pincher (responsible for parliamentary discipline for Tory MPs) admitted that he had "drank way to much" and that he "covered himself in shame, [him] as well as others".

According to British media, the 52 year-old elected official touched two men, including an MP, on Wednesday, June 29, according to Sky News. The incident occurred in front of witnesses at the Carlton Club in London, which led to complaints from the party. .

It is embarrassing to see the recent spate of sex-related affairs within 12 years' ruling party. Unnamed MPs were arrested for rape and released on bail in May. Another MP resigned in April after he was caught watching pornography on the House's mobile phone. A former MP was sentenced in May to 18 months imprisonment for sexual assault on a 15-year old boy.

These two parties had been absent for a number of years, resulting in partial legislative elections that were lost by the Conservatives. The defeats were followed by heavy defeats for them.

His spokesperson stated that the prime minister had accepted the resignation and believed it was right. "He clearly finds this behavior unacceptable and encourages anyone who wishes to complain to do so.

Boris Johnson, who was being asked to be more tough, agreed to suspend Chris Pincher as the Conservative Party's chief disciplinarian "while the investigation proceeds", a spokeswoman said. responsible.

Angela Rayner, number two in the Labor Party's main opposition formation, tweeted, "It is not possible for the Conservatives ignore a possible sexual assault." She has lamented the "total degradation" of the public life standards under the prime minister.

The Downing Street scandal has significantly damaged Boris Johnson, despite anti-Covid restrictions during pandemic. He was unable to survive for more than a month after the scandal led him to vote against his camp.

Sky News spoke to Simon Hart, Welsh Minister, who said that it could be counterproductive to rush an investigation but stated that chief whip Chris Heaton-Harris would have conversations throughout Friday to determine "the best course of action." To add:

Chris Pincher was appointed in February 2017. He had already resigned in 2017 as "junior whip", having been accused of making sexual advances to an Olympic swimmer and potential Conservative candidate for the election. After an internal investigation, he was cleared. He was reinstated by the former Prime Minister Theresa May and he was appointed Secretary of State in the Foreign Office when Boris Johnson took power in July 2019.

London police claim they haven't received any reports of assault at Carlton Club.

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