In England, any prime minister who resigns or whose term of office is in one way or another terminated has the right to draw up “a list of honours”. On this document are the names of the people he or she wishes to have ennobled. This list is then studied by a government committee and then by Downing Street. Former British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who retired on September 6 (two days before the Queen’s death), has therefore drawn up his own list which would include the name of his own father, Stanley Johnson, according to The Times.

In addition, The Times specifies that the list of Boris Johnson, forced to resign last September after a series of scandals, has a hundred names. It would thus be much longer than that of its predecessors, Theresa May and David Cameron, which featured around sixty people.

The information, which has not been confirmed by either Boris Johnson’s entourage or the government, has fueled accusations of nepotism regularly targeting the ruling Conservative Party and in particular the former leader, whose press regularly mentions attempts to return to power.

She greatly angered opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer. “It’s ridiculous,” he said on LBC radio. “Ex-Prime Minister bestows honors on his father – for what service? »

“That’s classic of a man like Johnson. I think for the public it’s just absolutely outrageous,” Keir Starmer criticized.

This former member of the European Parliament, who became pro-Brexit, obtained French nationality in May 2022.

In 2020, Boris Johnson, then Prime Minister, had already appointed his brother Jo to sit in the House of Lords, the upper house of the British Parliament.