Britain to Construct Brand New flagship to promote trade

Britain would be to construct a brand new flagship to advertise its organization and trade interests around the Earth, the government said on Saturday, in a move it said could also increase the ailing shipbuilding market.

Britain to Construct Brand New flagship to promote trade

Britain reported the boat, once assembled, would host large level trade negotiations and trade displays, and also the price of the undertaking would be verified when production contracts were tendered.

"This new federal flagship are the first boat of its type in the world, representing the UK's burgeoning standing as a fantastic, independent marine trading country," Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated.

The authorities said it'd be the very first national flagship because HMY (Her Majesty's Yacht) Britannia was decommissioned in 1997.

A flagship to promote international trade has been advocated by proponents of Brexit, who emphasize the chances for new free trade agreements today Britain has abandoned the European Union.

Critics, however, point to disturbance to trade with the EU, Britain's largest export market, after the nation's passing from the EU's orbit at the beginning of the year. There's also been a direct impact on intra-UK commerce from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

The authorities said the title of this boat could be announced in due course.

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