"By far the best performance": René Casselly is Dancing Star 2022

Janin Ullmann torches the whole studio with her final dance and Mathias Mester surpasses himself once again.

"By far the best performance": René Casselly is Dancing Star 2022

Janin Ullmann torches the whole studio with her final dance and Mathias Mester surpasses himself once again. At the end of this emotional journey, however, René Casselly wins the 15th anniversary season of "Lets Dance". This finale was "great cinema".

"It's not ten, it's not 30 points, and actually we can leave the rating here," says Joachim Llambi in the finale of "Let's Dance" to René Casselly, the winner of this memorable show. Three months and more than ninety days of training lie behind the candidates. With every further show you noticed how much the dance partners worked, grew together and became more and more confident on the floor.

During this time, Casselly always complained a bit that he would show too much artistry and not enough dance steps. But he and his partner Kathrin Menzinger delivered spectacular stage shows, some of which seemed out of this world. However, the jury often missed the last bit that threw them out of their chairs. What was meant by this was that the "natural Latin boy" apparently did not allow anyone to look into his innermost being and was always considered too professional, even dogged. The 25-year-old comes from a circus family, he has been used to the hard everyday training since he was a child, and above all to performing. There is often no room for open feelings in such performance-oriented professions.

But he showed this more than ever in the final. "What you are doing is unbelievable!", the judges praised Kathrin and René after their favorite dance, a "sensational" tango. Most of the spectators had long since held their breath, in the end even Llambi had lost the words: "I didn't get up because I was speechless."

However, the final freestyle of the winners was "by far the best performance". In this last dance there was simply everything: art, passion, complete dedication to dancing, simply "great cinema". Tears flowed at Motsi, the audience raged, and even if Janin Ullmann was the favorite of this season for a long time: it was Casselly who went a step further that evening.

This finale was full of grandiose, wonderful moments. The costumes of the dancers alone: ​​simply magical. Everything sparkled and glittered and even Jan Köppen, who replaced the sick Daniel Hartwich, couldn't stop raving. But weren't there also trade-offs? Anything that didn't work? No! This final outdid itself. Okay, maybe some of the eliminated candidates who were there again that evening looked like they really have two left legs, but that's about it.

Ullmann came out second in this anniversary season. During her Cha-Cha-Cha she radiated pure joie de vivre, just like third-placed Mathias Mester. The chief juror was even of the opinion that the moderator had almost "got a little too much out of it". From her "Let's Dance" journey she takes with her that she has learned to let go. Which she immediately proved in her favorite dance, a contemporary.

In her final burlesque dance, the 40-year-old lived out all her feelings for the last time. Cologne-Ossendorf escalated, the mood went through the roof and one can only hope at this point that Janin goes on tour with the "Let's Dance" family. Just like third-placed Mathias Mester. Llambi, described by Köppen in a wonderfully ironic way as "Ruhrpott-Goethe", praised the track and field athlete for his "nicely properly danced rumba".

"The little man with the big heart" also delivered his favorite dance, a Paso Doble - "without a single mistake". The athlete has an important message that evening that he would like to give to everyone, regardless of whether they are disabled or not: "You shouldn't let anyone destroy your dreams and goals."

The viewer got to see pure self-mockery and pure fun at Mester's final "Smurfs" freestyle. "Simply a super entertaining number," was the praise of the jury. But in the end, as Casselly put it, it really was like that: "Who wins doesn't matter anymore." Mester won because at the beginning of this journey he never saw himself in the final, Janin because she learned to let go and René Casselly because he understood that to dance with your heart you don't have to be perfect. This is the end of three months full of emotions and many magical moments. Until next year!


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