Bye, Angels. Hello, athletes: Megan Rapinoe sparks chatter as new Victoria's Secret ambassador

Victoria's Secret frees Megan Rapinoe, Eileen Gu and others to the team. Here's how customers are feeling about it.

Bye, Angels. Hello, athletes: Megan Rapinoe sparks chatter as new Victoria's Secret ambassador

As the lingerie company pushes for dimension and racial inclusivity, it's rebranded to feature girls ambassadors of backgrounds -- including soccer star Megan Rapinoe and actress Priyanka Chopra-Jonas.

Both are among seven women ambassadors that constitute"The VS Collective," the brand's effort to make its customers feel more correctly represented.

"The VS Collective is a ever-growing group of accomplishedwomen who share a common enthusiasm to induce positive change," an announcement from the company reads. "These exceptional partners, using their distinctive backgrounds, interests and passions, will influence and shape the future of the world's biggest and most recognizable brand for women."

"So often I felt myself on the outside looking in with brands at the beauty and fashion business and I'm thrilled to be creating a space that sees the real spectrum of ALL girls," Rapinoe said in a statement about the campaign's launch.

But the lingerie brand's new look -- and Rapinoe's function specifically -- sparked plenty of conversation about Twitter on Thursday.

While others contested having someone other than a supermodel represent the brand.

"Women want to look like the angels," said Jessica O'Donnell, a social networking editor at The Blaze, a news website that believes itself to be"right of the contemporary American political spectrum"

Rapinoe is known for being a celebrity player on the U.S. women's national football team -- one of a number of other accomplishments, in 2019 she had been named the finest FIFA Women's player -- and also for being a dominant voice within an LGBTQ+ activist. And she made BBC's List of 100 Most Inspiring and Influential women in 2019. She made headlines when she kneeled during the national anthem in service of former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, and furious former President Donald Trump when she told a reporter in 2019,"I'm not going to the f----g White House" following the team's triumph that advanced the U.S. into the World Cup quarterfinals.

"Megan should WIN first before she TALKS! Complete the job! ...Megan shouldn't ever disrespect our Nation, the White House, or our Flag, particularly since so much was done for her & the group," Trump tweeted response.

Before, Victoria's Secret has faced backlash because of its small selection of sizes. So some girls appeared to be pleased about the company's new appearance.

"This is extremely exciting! I've missed shopping from the stores but was unable to actually buy a bra in store and felt out of place for being bigger. I am so excited for this particular jelqing,"one Twitter user said.

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