California Lady charged with murders of her young Kids

California Lady charged with murders of her young Kids

Liliana Carrillo maintained in a meeting last week that she murdered her kids because they were being"mistreated" by their dad

A Southern California lady was charged Monday with three counts of murder after the deaths of her young kids days after she confessed in a jailhouse interview she murdered them to"protect" them by her dad.

She's accused of having a knife as a deadly weapon onto her youngest daughter. Their causes of death have yet to be revealed.

"My office has reached out to the natives to provide trauma-informed services during those unbelievably hard times"

Carillo, in a meeting with KGET-TV at Bakersfield a week, stated she"drowned" her kids on April 10 since they were being"mistreated" by their dad.

"I did not need them to be further abused," she said, asserting she had been also protecting them by a child sex ring. "I assured them if they were born I was likely to protect them I saw what was occurring, I knew what was happening and that I understood what was likely to continue to take place."

Carillo supposedly ran from the scene and has been captured in a different county.

Gascón did not document a multiple murder special circumstance which could have allowed prosecutors to seek life without parole due to the recently elected district attorney's advanced policies devoting submitting a particular circumstance in these instances, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The children's father, Erik Denton, strove to get custody of their kids before this season and criticized police and child welfare agencies such as ignoring his warnings that Carillo was emotionally unstable and the kids were not protected with her, the Times reported.

"They ignored my warnings about the threat Liliana introduced to the kids. I really don't know what was wrong with my opinion. I advised them I had been fearful for the kids' security according to her psychological condition and behaviour."

She's being held at a Kern County jail instead of a 2-million bond for carjacking associated with her escape effort following the alleged murders, '' The Times reported.

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