California Mother and Daddy of 5 killed when 175-foot redwood tree crashes on Automobile: report

California Mother and Daddy of 5 killed when 175-foot redwood tree crashes on Automobile: report

The parents of five children were killed Thursday when a 175-foot redwood tree fell along with the automobile in Northern California, based on reports.

Jessica and Jake Woodruff, of Yreka, were traveling the shore during an yearly trip to celebrate her 45th birthday once the huge tree dropped directly in their 2016 Honda, a design for the family said.

"This is a surprising and shocking event, and the tragedy of the injury makes it hard to accept as real," stated the fundraiser. "These five kids are now left without parents and so are facing a life of expenditures."

The tree dropped as the couple was traveling close to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, reports stated.

"I have been around the department for 19 decades and I have been in this region 12 to 13 decades," she explained, based on SF Gate. "We have had trees fall down and automobiles make contact, but this sort of episode is quite unusual."

Gonzalez said the incident happened on a wonderful day with no wind. It's uncertain what left the tree collapse.

"This really is a really forested place," Gonzalez explained. "We've got trees everywhere. It is at the middle of the redwoods. It is only old expansion and we don't have any idea why the tree dropped.

Ryan Aylward, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, included that there were"gustier winds around the shore, but it was just to about 25 mph," based on SF Gate.

It is not clear if the couple's kids were in the vehicle once the tree fell.

"We're requesting that anyone who will encourage themdo this, since these kids are confronting the devastating fact of that which was simply ripped from their own lives in a split second," the fundraiser added. "Those of you who understand this household, understand how tight-knit they're, and their own lives will forever be altered."

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