California's Tamarack Fire is rapidly growing; evacuations are required

According to the Alpine County Sheriff's Office, the Tamarack Fire, an area of 500 acres, had grown to 6,600 acres by Friday night. Multiple highways were closed in the region because of it.

California's Tamarack Fire is rapidly growing; evacuations are required

The fire is close to Pleasant Valley and Markleeville. Mandatory casino siteleri evacuation orders were in effect for Markleeville Park and Campground and Shay Creek.

Officials from Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest say that the fire is active along all sides and has a high spread rate as it burns wood and bush. Authorities claim that it has destroyed at most three structures.

The Death Ride Cycling Race, 103-miles in length, was cancelled according to a notice posted online. All riders were asked to evacuate immediately.

Kelli Pennington was camping with her family near the town to take part in her husband's ninth ride. On Friday, they were told to pack up their tent and move on. The fire quickly spread from their campsite, and they were unable to see the smoke build up over the day.

Pennington stated, "It happened so quickly." "We left our tents and hammocks and some food behind, but we managed to get most of our stuff and put our two children in the car before we left."

Saturday's ride was to commemorate the 40th anniversary the Death Ride. This event attracts thousands of cyclists each year to the area to ride through three mountain passes in California's Alps.

Date Of Update: 09 August 2021, 06:01

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