Capitol rioter accused of striking police with baseball bat ordered held pending trial

Judge known as Emanuel Jackson'a ready participant' from the'violent assault' on US Capitol

Capitol rioter accused of striking police with baseball bat ordered held pending trial

Emanuel Jackson, the guy government prosecutors say struck Capitol Police officers using a metal baseball bat, will remain in custody pending trial.

Federal Magistrate Judge Michael Harvey called the fees against Jackson"very serious," adding that Jackson seemingly had confessed he is the person in video and pictures shown repeatedly striking a Capitol Police officer with a bat.

Harvey informed Jackson and his lawyer that he could think of no combination of conditions that could allow him to discharge Jackson and ensure the safety of the community. "People did die that day also it might have been even worse," said Harvey, calling Jackson a"willing participant," from the"violent attack" on the Capitol.

There's been been a formal arraignment in this case, but Jackson's attorney indicated that the defendant is likely to plead not guilty in the case.

Jackson faces five federal charges, including assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon and obstructing an official proceeding in the Capitol. Each of those counts takes around 20 years in prison. Court records filed by the prosecution show several pictures, along with a movie, of the man they say is Jackson swinging a baseball bat in Capitol Police officers during the events of Jan. 6.

Government prosecutors say Jackson was one of the first folks to storm through the door of the Senate side of the Capitol building and struck by an officer with his fist at that time. Jackson is accused of attacking Capitol Police again hours later using a bat.

Jackson will next appear in court for a preliminary hearing Feb. 29 at 11:30 a.m.

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