Castaner discovers the "Soviet Nupes" in a candidate. This is the right in the "Coue Method" mode.

We are just four days away from the first round in the legislative elections.

Castaner discovers the "Soviet Nupes" in a candidate. This is the right in the "Coue Method" mode.

We are just four days away from the first round in the legislative elections. And we are talking coke and a former killer.

Leon Thebault (21), candidate for the New Popular Ecological and Social Union Nupes in the first constituency Aveyron is currently experiencing his first negative buzz as a politician. Damien Rieu is the Zemmourist party's communication officer! The far-right candidate for the Alpes-Maritimes posted a short video on Twitter Sunday in which we can see him sniffing a white trace on his back. Nupes, the candidate for the Alpes-Maritimes, has been telling the "Obs," about his "cyberbullying campaign". He said that he receives nearly 60 messages on Instagram and Twitter every minute. I was told I am a drug addict and incapable of serving as a deputy. These messages, which "seek pressure", are said to be from "trolls in the fachosphere".

Bruno Leleu (departmental head of the National Rally, RN), even requested that Leon Thebault's campaign be withdrawn so "that this video does not pollute the debate". The young candidate replied, "It's unlikely to happen" and that it was "the diffusion of the video that pollutes the discussion". He said that it was precisely these false debates which disengage young people who want to discuss the substance. Leon Thebault assures that this is not a matter of drugs but of crushed Doliprane. He was 16 at the time of the footage. "How could I have discovered cocaine at such an early age in Aveyron?" he asks. He asks, referring to a "bullshit high school student who enjoys doing like the big guys ".

A friend took the video at a nightclub and posted it on Snapchat, which is a social network that allows for short-term content. The young man thinks someone must have recorded it. A classmate might have seen my application and sent it to me. He laments that his private life has been "instrumentalized for political purposes". He wonders if there is any young candidate who has not found this kind of content. "All of us have videos and photos that show teenage mischief. Or, we could hire communication advisors starting at 5 years old. Some elders supported Leon Thebault, who they sympathize with. He says that if all of their parents grew up with all-screen, videos like these wouldn't be as common.

The Council of State has been referred to the interim for the second time regarding the political nuances enacted under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron by the Ministry of the Interior. This is also the second occasion that the highest administrative court has ruled in favor of the opposition. Christophe Castaner (then in post Place-Beauvau) had sought to increase the number of residents to 1,000. This would have allowed him to set the threshold at which political nuances of municipal officials would be considered. According to the oppositions, this was a way of hiding the electoral weakness of President Obama's majority at the local level. It would have been favourable for parties more established in the territory, such as The Republicans or The Socialist Party. Verdict: The circular was rescinded.

The highest court of administrative order has ruled against Gerald Darmanin regarding the political labeling of legislative election results. The Ministry of the Interior proposed a classification that left out the political nuance "Nupes", in favor of the parties of the left-wing coalition based on the number of candidates from the Socialist Party or La France Iinsoumise, Europe Ecologie–Les Verts, or the Communist Party. It is enough to make it difficult to determine what national representatives weigh. This was made more difficult by the fact that the nuance "Together" which denotes the various components of the presidential majority (Renaissance MoDem Agir Horizons, Horizons, MoDem, MoDem) had been retained.

Tuesday, June 7th, the interim judge of the Council of State seized the Nupes ruled his favor and ordered the Ministry of the Interior "inform the citizens, public authorities and reveal local or national political tendencies" according to the institution's press release. Victoire ! Victoire!

The campaign of Macron's troops may be in decline, but the left-wing coalition is still thriving in the polls. However, the attacks are becoming more intense. Sometimes, even coarser. Yes, "Soviet" was dropped. Christophe Castaner may not have been talking about Russian tanks Monday on France 2 but he did describe Nupes and created a lexical field to describe it. It smelled like the USSR. "Add their subsidized convenience stores and their requisition for agricultural stocks to get ration books. "The Nupes program is all that the Soviet world has to offer," said the boss of The current majority group at the national assembly. The Red Army tanks are poised to land on the Champs-Elysees, it is certain.

Although it seems absurd, French law allows for this. After twenty-four years in prison, a man was convicted of murder and released on appeal from jail on April 12, 2021. He is located in Vaucluse's 2nd district. This is the same area that Stanislas Rigault, a 23-year-old zemmourist. "Le Dauphine Libere” interviewed Germain Gaiffe. He was convicted of murdering an entrepreneur whose legs were found in the Garonne, and his trunk in the Tarn. This is a scary cast.

Christian Jacob will soon be on vacation. After the legislative elections, the boss of Les Republicains plans to retire from the training function. He is not eligible to stand for a deputy in Seine-et-Marne. This relaxed climate may have led to Jacob wanting to read personal development books in order to motivate his troops. The polls show that 11% of the population favors the National Rally, 26% for Nupes, and 25% for President-Elect (Ifop Fiducial for LCI). However Christian Jacob assured Tuesday that his party would "create surprise" in June's elections and will thus be "a decisive actor" for the next five years. We can call this optimistic vision.

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