Jeremy Fragrance doesn’t want to shed his “signature look”, a “trash sow” unpacks his breasts and the fear of a “psycho with a knife” is rampant in the attic. All about the big show to kick off Celebrity Big Brother!

“You don’t seriously think he’s going to kill you all!” Jay Khan – whose real name is Tariq, by the way – tells Sam Dylan about perfume sniff Jeremy Fragrance. The man, whose “signature look” is a white suit and who is followed by millions of people on social media, is “difficult to grasp” for the new residents – and a warm welcome to the start of the Celebrity Big Brother anniversary season! The Bumms has been around for ten years! And in fact, the prelude offers everything a good season needs, because shortly after the candidates have entered there’s a bang! But from the beginning!

Instead of two areas, there are three this year. A garage and an attic – and of course a luxury area that finally doesn’t burn out your eyes. The choice will continue to be moderated by “Marlenchen” and Jochen Schropp, who are of course pretty well grooved in the meantime, even if talking frankly always seems droll. But the Jochen wears the fabric remnants of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe from 1991 and this look softens even the hardest critic’s heart.

Okay, so there are these two areas that each have more or less well-known TV faces. Also in the garage are the very lovable Menderes, Sido and Micaela Schäfer’s ex, who describes herself as a “trash pig” and exposes her boobs so quickly that the whole thing becomes tiring on the spot. Because if you want to see the slug, which seems to have been laying off since 1988, naked, you just have to google it.

In the attic are “old men” band member Jay Khan, some lady from one of the countless “Bums formats” and then another blonde who has already hopped across the reality TV prairie and on the beautiful ones hears the name of Valentina Doronina. It quickly becomes uncomfortable with Valentina, because toting through TV formats seems to be “the accolade” for some these days. So that she doesn’t forget which formats are in her Insta-Vita, the 22-year-old has had all the shows tattooed on her upper arm. reign times! And you actually thought that ass antler tattoos in the late 90’s were bad!

And then there’s him – the man in the white suit who absolutely doesn’t want to submit to the rules of Big Brother and does his own thing: Jeremy Fragrance, formerly known as: the perfume taster virtuoso. The guy seems, you can’t put it any other way, like a revelation for trash TV – a savior, a well-scented prophet who could revive an industry that had been degenerated like the Babel of Sin and was lying on the ground. More of this kind and our reality TV, badly maltreated by shallow influencers, is saved! Instead, we listen to demure, dumb people who, in their simple-mindedness, think they are the center of the world.

“Being normal is easy, anyone can be,” explains Fragrance. Does his appearance remind you of a mixture of “American Psycho” and Hannibal Lecter? Yes. Does he parry? no Is he swimming against the current? Thank God! Is that what trash TV urgently needs? Definitely! Even if Valentina “doesn’t understand” why the cologne sniffer doesn’t want to change his snow-white robe like everyone else. And “anyone who has two brain cells,” she presumes to speak for the viewer, “can’t get it either.” The first insults quickly fall, Jeremy is compared to the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and Sam Dylan concludes that if “the psycho” really kills everyone, he would be world famous in one fell swoop and would get his “own Netflix documentary”.

Fragrance knows that shallow minds will never understand its self-imposed mission. Nevertheless, he is initially willing to explain it two, three and even four times. Ultimately, however, he spoke almost like Zarathustra to those who did not understand him: “Then you are just a lemon tree, from which I no longer make an apple tree!”

People who don’t understand something or someone quickly become insecure. But uncertainty is so much better than boring people whose conversations are whether they have “a blue tick.” Jeremy Fragrance has realized TV. He disturbs, he speaks directly into the camera, he lets it bang and crack. In between there are some bare facts from Mrs. Schaefer, a change of department and Menderes shopping at Penny’s.

In short: all in all a very successful start, which of course is mainly due to the man in the white “signature look”. Four hours of airtime, however, is no longer filled by pointing the camera at the bare breasts of a woman whose job it is to undress. Then let Katy Karrenbauer read the phone book for two hours!