Chief says second officer from Missouri killed in deadly confrontation "will not recover"

After confronting Anthony Felix, 40, at a shopping center, three Joplin police officers were gunned down.

Chief says second officer from Missouri killed in deadly confrontation "will not recover"

According to Police Chief Sloan Rowland, a Joplin officer of the police who was killed along with two other officers, "will not recover from his injuries."

Rowland stated that Jake Reed, a patrol officer, had his family ready to donate organs.

We are so proud of Jake and so grateful for his contributions to the community. Rowland stated that Jake was an exceptional young man.

Cpl. Benjamin Cooper was killed in Tuesday's initial confrontation. Rowland stated that Rick Hirshey was also wounded in the initial confrontation on Tuesday. He was stable but serious.

In 2017, Reed joined the police force. Cooper and Reed were the first officers to confront Anthony Felix, 40, at Joplin's shopping center on Tuesday afternoon.

Felix shot and killed the officers, then stole a patrol vehicle and fled. Hirshey saw Felix trying to steal another vehicle, and set up his patrol car to stop him. Rowland stated that Felix hit Hirshey in the face with the windshield and shot him through the head.

After more than 20 years service, Hirshey retired three months ago from the police force. He then returned to the department. The chief stated that he will be facing serious health issues and multiple surgeries in the coming days.

Police Capt. Felix then shot Felix and killed him. Rowland stated that William Davis was the victim. Davis, who is a veteran of over 15 years, ran cover and exposed his skin to stop the suspect.

"Without Capt. Rowland stated, "If not for Capt.

Rowland asked for prayers for the officers involved. Rowland also thanked the community for their support after the shooting.

Felix has not been identified by the police.

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