Colorado man Clarifies'close call' as Enormous piece of Flight 328 just Overlooks Home

Kirby Klements informs'Fox & Friends' his son was out house 5 minutes earlier

Colorado man Clarifies'close call' as Enormous piece of Flight 328 just Overlooks Home

A Colorado resident is speaking out about his expertise hearing and watching debris out of United Flight 328 fall out of the skies and property in his lawn .

"If you have ever been engaged in a high speed or a car accident, that is the noise we've heard," Kirby Klements, that had been home with his spouse at the time, advised"Fox & Friends" on Monday. "And all of a sudden, this large silver item just rolled facing the front , and we had zero idea what it was from sitting ."

"And when I awakened and opened up the door, I told my wife...'You are never going to figure this really is,'" he explained. "I said,'It is the leading cowling of a jet engine atmosphere from a plane '"

After viewing the debris fall, and before hearing which the airplane landed safely, Klements stated that he was worried the whole airplane would be missing.

"Once I stepped out and recognized what it was, my initial appearance was up from the skies to determine where the airplane was coming down, since I guessed that a bit that large [would imply ] the airplane was likely to be missing," Klements informed Steve Doocy.

"So I am a lot more lucky to be here on the floor, put up with all the short [stress ] that we needed than to be on this airplane and wondering if we are going to make it down secure or not."

Klements, who resides in Broomfield, along with his family had been unharmed from the episode, he said, although his son didn't have a close call.

"My son had just left to go to work, therefore he'd left the front door perhaps five minutes before that occurred," Klements explained.

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