Colorado Rockies Trade Rumors: How the New York Yankees might be looking to trade Trevor Story

The New York Yankees are not the ideal fit for Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story.

Colorado Rockies Trade Rumors: How the New York Yankees might be looking to trade Trevor Story

 There is a long list of players who are either underproducing or injured. Since they acquired Joey Gallo from Texas Rangers, the Yankees are a stronger team than they were 24 hour ago. This addressed their left-handed power problem. But even if Trevor Story is added to the Yankees' roster, it won't solve all their problems.

However, the New York Yankees are reportedly shopping first baseman Luke Voit on the trade market, according to Jack Curry of the YES Network (the Yankees TV home). Mark Feinsand of is also reporting that the Yankees interest in Story is "real."

The New York Yankees' trading of Luke Voit could have huge implications for the Colorado Rockies.

Yesterday, we said that the New York Yankees would need to move in their infield to accommodate Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies shortstop.

He would be their everyday shortstop if the Yankees acquire him. Gleyber Torres, their current shortstop, would likely move to second base. This is a position he is more comfortable in and is better at than shortstop. The Yankees would then have to move DJ LeMahieu, an ex-Colorado Rockies infielder, to first base.

The Yankees have too many players who should be full-time DHs, so Luke Voit, American League home run champion, has been left out of the musical chairs.

Voit has experienced his fair share of problems in 2021. Voit has been on the injury list multiple times and is currently on the 10-day IL for knee inflammation. The Yankees hope that he will be back in the next few days. He has played in just 29 games this season, and his power numbers are down as his slugging percentage has dropped to 240 points.

The Yankees could get the boost they need by acquiring Story (and Gallo), as they were 2.5 games behind Oakland in the AL Wild Card race and 8.5 games behind the AL East.

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