Exceptional talent, difficult contemporary, Hollywood star: Val Kilmer recently celebrated a terrific comeback. But the 62-year-old has had difficult times. How the actor fights cancer is the topic of this week’s ntv podcast “Ditt

He is one of the biggest and at the same time most difficult stars in Hollywood: Val Kilmer. The 62-year-old can now look back on more than 38 years of acting career. And actually he should also take part in “Willow”, the current series continuation of the 1988 fantasy cult film of the same name. Kilmer once embodied “Madmartigan”, the hero against his will.

But since his throat disease seven years ago, the difficult film star has been struggling with his health. His fans recently saw in “Maverick”, the sequel to “Top Gun”, that the cancer not only permanently damaged his voice. This episode of the ntv podcast ” Ditt