Commentary: Left-wing doctrine?

People who oppose the teaching of "Critical Race Theory (CRT) are attacking schools, school boards, and individual teachers across the country.

Commentary: Left-wing doctrine?

 They refer to the "theory" of looking at the role of the white race in the abuse and subjection of Black people as a "theory". This theory requires balanced opinions. I am curious: What is a balanced opinion? This has never happened. Let's face facts. The facts are just as clear as Trump-lost-the-election. It's quite clear.

Let's take a look at the facts about race. It all started with Columbus. He is writing about the natives in his journal from his 1492 trip to the Bahamas. ... We could subjugate them all with fifty men and make them do what we want." He returned to Spain to pack 500 of the best males for sale back home. They lost two hundred of them along the journey. (Zinn Howard, "A Peoples History of the United States", (2015)

Pope Alexander VI issued "The Declaration of Discovery" in 1493 to facilitate Columbus' return from the Indies. It provided Columbus with any justification that he might have for his cruelty. It declared that "the Catholic faith, and the Christian religion be elevated and be everywhere expanded and spread, that health of souls and that barbarous countries be overthrown and brought into the faith themselves." This "Doctrine Of Discovery" was the basis for all European claims to the Americas and also the foundation for America's western expansion. In Johnson v. McIntosh (1823), the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the principle of discovery gave European countries an absolute right to New World land. Chief Justice John Marshall, who was the author of the unanimous opinion, stated: "Let us, in the name of Holy Trinity, continue sending all slaves that are sold." (Zinn ibid.).

This was the beginning. This was the beginning.

It's important to look objectively at the history of Black/white relations within the United States. This will allow us to evaluate them in light of a deeper awareness of the reality of the situation. It doesn't have to be made to cause children to hate their own race. It should encourage American integrity and healthy compassion for our Black brothers and sisters.

Every religion has a time of the year when we reflect on how we live by the ethics of our chosen religion. This is not the time to be demeaning of ourselves, but to recognize our desire to become better. This means that we should count ourselves among those who are able to admit that America's racism is not a "revisionist" theory. After all that is said and done, there is still the old question: "Who's my neighbor?" The answer was "the person who showed compassion" for the man "at either side of the road".

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