Consumption. What do we love about the "aperitif?" ritual?

Philippine, 7 years old, slips her hand into the bowl containing chewable food.

Consumption. What do we love about the "aperitif?" ritual?

Philippine, 7 years old, slips her hand into the bowl containing chewable food. Her parents decided to celebrate Fridays with an "aperitif", a way to end an intense week.

According to a recent study by the Syndicat des aperitifs a crochet , 90% of French people have a regular practice of the aperitif. This is especially true for CSPs aged 25-34 years old and... men who are very open to this aspect. It is very well planned.

"The aperitif can be a safe haven. It's also a chance to let go," says Nelly Bonnet (general secretary of the union). Yes, the aperitif can be a great way to cement a relationship. The study found that 60% of French people drink it with their friends, family members, or spouses. 40% of respondents only mention the occasional use of the aperitif. It seems that the pandemic and confinement at home are far away, and that is a good thing.

What is it that we love about "aperitif?" ritual? The study found that respondents ranked first the "the act of being together, and with loved ones" (54%), then "the experience of a moment in conviviality, and laughter" (52%), and finally "the enjoyment of sharing and discussing with friends and family" (46%). Individual motivations rank second: "Live a moment of relaxation and decompress" (38%), or "let go of their daily lives" (18%). "A little indulgence before the meal" (13%). It's all a little bit of everything in the end.

Yes, the appetizer. But what is it made of? Red wine, rose wine, white wine, beers and liqueurs... The appetizers are very diverse in terms of textures and tastes. Nelly Bonnet continues, "The trend is towards spice." Companies are always looking for new flavors and combinations, so they are trying to find as few ingredients as possible when creating products. Over time, the organic and natural offerings are also growing. Savory products made of lentils and vegetables can now be enjoyed without complaint.

Gourmands refer to the French. They estimate that you need at least three products on your plates to make a successful aperitif. These do not require any preparation. You will need six to seven products for the majority (peanuts and tiles, crackers, crackers, lentil souffles and pretzels - an timeless aperitif ).

The study also shows that chewable aperitifs are still essential for 97% of French people. This is despite a household's average annual budget of only 68 euros in 2021. Overall volumes saw strong growth in 2021, with a mass distribution turnover of 1.84 billion euros. 2.8% more than in 2020. Particularly, the segment of salt tiles and extruded products has seen its sales rise (7% volume increase compared to 2020), before salted seeds.

Aperitifs are not immune to rising prices. Will the French be able to forgo the aperitif in the summer? We doubt it, considering the summer tables.

* Study via L'Obsoco, with a representative sample of 1,000 people representing the population of metropolitan France between March 17th and 23rd 2022. The quota method was used to determine representativeness based on the following criteria: gender, age, location, urban area, and socio-professional classification.

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