Controversial Nigerian Warrior TB Joshua dies aged 57

The televangelist, who set a Christian megachurch at Lagos, died from an undisclosed trigger, his church stated.

Controversial Nigerian Warrior TB Joshua dies aged 57

The popular but controversial Nigerian evangelical preacher Temitope Balogun Joshua has expired in the undisclosed cause, his church stated on Facebook.

The preacher, popularly Called TB Joshua, based The Synagogue Church of All Nations, also a Christian megachurch at Lagos.

The father of three was among Africa's strongest preachers with countless tv and societal networking followers. Over 15,000 people from Nigeria and overseas attend his Sunday services.

"God has taken his slave Prophet TB Joshua house... His final moments on earth were spent at the service of God," the church composed on its FB page Sunday, without providing further information.

Among the warrior's attorneys Olalekan Ojo also supported his departure.

"He rose to prominence in the 1990s in a time when there was a explosion of televangelism in Nigeria and several parts of Africa.

He was also common in South America in which he'd held several spiritual campaigns.

TB Joshua was famous for making forecasts as well as for his promises to heal different ailments and to create individuals thrive through wonders.

He had been, however, contentious, with critics questioning his promises and stating he profited from individuals seeking hope.

Many African American presidents, senior government officials, global soccer players, musicians and additional high-profile guests have worshipped in their own church.

Back in September 2014, the guest house of this church fell , killing over a hundred people, the majority of them foreigners who had been in Nigeria to attend his services.

While police say the building collapsed due to structural flaws, TB Joshua insisted that the building was dismissed with a small plane he maintained flew shortly before it came down.

Back in April, the warrior's YouTube station, which has over 1.8 million readers and 600 million viewpoints, was closed down on allegations of hate speech against LGBTQ individuals.

In one of his movies, watched over 1.5 million instances, a girl is seen being struck to"cure" her of her sexuality.

Homosexuality is illegal in Africa's most populous nation, and"homosexual acts" may take a 14-year prison sentence.

Facebook had removed several movies on Joshua's webpage, which has over 5.7 million followersfor his anti-LGBTQ remarks.

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