CRISPR, Schalke, Reeperbahn: Is that Jauch's favorite at three million?

There are three million euros up for grabs at WWM this week.

CRISPR, Schalke, Reeperbahn: Is that Jauch's favorite at three million?

There are three million euros up for grabs at WWM this week. A favorite emerges on day one. Jauch is impressed: "The madness." On the other hand, he prefers not to know why men with rose disease have to see a urologist.

When Robin Romahn was just 19 years old, he let himself be seduced into drinking champagne in a bar on the Reeperbahn. The price shock followed immediately: 483 euros. From then on, the Essen native preferred to hold back on travelling. The trip to Cologne could be doubly worthwhile for the 32-year-old civil servant. On Monday evening he appeared on "Who wants to be a millionaire?" (WWM) up to the 500,000 euro question and was happy about 125,000 euros. However, the sovereignty and broad general knowledge of the candidate give reason to hope for even greater things. Because at Günther Jauch the three million euro week is running. And Romahn is quite capable of setting a new WWM record.

From Monday to Wednesday, the RTL quiz show will initially run largely according to the known pattern (also available on RTL). Anyone who wins at least 16,000 euros can hope for a place in the final on Thursday. However, it is questionable whether this will be enough in the end. Because at least three of the six selection candidates qualified in the first episode (a fourth continues to play on Tuesday). In this respect it is foreseeable that a higher profit is necessary to maintain the chance of the new WWM record.

It's really due now. Since November 2015, Nadja Sidikjar has held the record on the RTL quiz show with her 1.5 million euros from the jackpot special. The fact that Romahn could become a worthy successor became clear when asked for 32,000 euros. The IT specialist from the job center knew immediately that Emanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna had received the chemistry Nobel Prize in 2020 for the development of so-called gene scissors. He was also able to add their technical term, CRISPR.

Jauch was impressed. "The madness", praised the moderator and led to the "RTL Direkt" break: "I have to recover from that first." Romahn then used his jokers wisely in the following rounds. As a helper on the phone, his boss knew before the possible answers were read out that the party-affiliated foundation of the Greens is named after Heinrich Böll and not after Albert Schweizer. When asked for 125,000 euros, the Essen native was lucky to get a passionate "kicker" reader as an additional joker. When reading the table for the first Bundesliga, he stumbled across the goal difference "zero" at Schalke 04 and was therefore able to answer the question of which club has scored 2607 goals and conceded 2607 goals so far.

If you want to have the chance to win three million euros in the final round on Thursday, you have to bet your winnings from the preliminary round. Romahn seems to be taking a risk here too. "We'll see each other again in the final," he confidently said goodbye to Jauch. Nora Sophie Filipczak from Darmstadt probably has no prospect of making the final. The bachelor student only won the minimum amount of 16,000 euros. It looks better with Zekihan Büyükyilmaz. The first candidate of the evening won at least 32,000 euros. The doctor is remembered more with the anecdotes about what men can get out of body openings.

Jauch had actually only asked him about original ailments. The doctor in an orthopedic clinic in Hamburg immediately thought of the gentleman who wanted to give his loved one a rose in a particularly original way on their wedding day. "Like the bachelor's," Büyükyilmaz explained the basic idea. But their execution not only made Jauch shudder. The gentleman had stuck the flower stalk into his urethra. "She went in easily, just not out again," reported the doctor.

"Every angler who has such a barb knows that," commented Jauch after he had caught himself again. It was not explained why the patient first ended up with an orthopedist. Finally, a urologist helped him. The candidate, on the other hand, was able to tackle the man who had a mishap in the ball pool. "It was in the back. We got it out with the endoscope. Stick it in, let the air out," said Büyükyilmaz. "It turned out fine then."

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