Cup winner provokes on the net: Leipzig boss Mintzlaff shares against critics

RB Leipzig wins the DFB Cup 2022.

Cup winner provokes on the net: Leipzig boss Mintzlaff shares against critics

RB Leipzig wins the DFB Cup 2022. It is the biggest success in the club's young history so far. The Saxons now want to take the next step and are lashing out at their critics. On the Internet, they provoke aggressive advertising for the controversial owner Red Bull.

RB Leipzig CEO Oliver Mintzlaff wants to prevent a major upheaval and further refine the squad. "We want to take the next step, whatever the next step means. We played the best season in the club's history, but we still aim to develop every year. To do this, we need a squad that is coherent as a whole." said Mintzlaff on Sunday at the team's reception in Leipzig.

Mintzlaff emphasized that the club is continuing on the path that Ralf Rangnick once set. "With young, talented players who are trained to become absolute top players." Final goalscorer Christopher Nkunku, who played the piano in the Old Town Hall when the city was entered in the Golden Book, should definitely be kept.

First of all, the RB managing director wanted to enjoy the moment "before we get back into this hamster wheel of professional football". The criticism after the worst first half of the club's history with the dismissal of coach Jesse Marsch affected him because it was partly populist.

He also felt the criticism of the club structures before the cup final against Freiburg. "You saw that the scarf issue gained momentum that Freiburg didn't want either. It served clichés that we don't live up to," said Mintzlaff. It's not like "that there is a construct where there are no emotions, no people. There are so many laughing, happy and friendly people here who are just like FC fans, like Dortmund or Schalke fans Love and live RB Leipzig."

He had previously called out to the crowd at the town hall reception: "Anyone who still hasn't understood that RB Leipzig is an integral part of German football can no longer be helped - and we don't want to help them anymore."

After the cup success, the club financed by Red Bull was very aggressive in dealing with the connection to the marketing giant from Austria. A picture of midfielder Kevin Kampl caused a lot of excitement on the internet. The Slovenian was accidentally photographed tipping a can of soda into the cup. "The trophy is inaugurated," the club commented on the picture on social media and was happy about the resulting shitstorm.


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