Danny Humble: Loss has left parents 'destroyed'

A man was kicked and stamped to his death by gang members.

Danny Humble: Loss has left parents 'destroyed'

A man was kicked and stamped to his death by gang members. His murder left the parents of their child devastated.

Danny Humble (35), was "swarmed" while he lay down during an altercation that took place in Cramlington in Northumberland in May last year.

Alistair Dickson (18) was convicted for his murder, along with four other teens of manslaughter.

Deborah Humble, the mother of Mr Humble, said that her son's suicide had "destroyed" her family.

She added, "He was my firstborn, my son, and my friend a part of my heart."

Vaughan, his father, said that he was a "family incomplete" and that he is in the dark.

"One of the most important members of our family, and a guiding light, has been brutally taken from us in terrible circumstances that we will never recover.

"He was one the good guys. There is a void and an emptiness in our lives that constantly aches and tortures.

Ethan Scott, Chester Grove, Blyth; Kyros Robins, Woodside Avenue Seaton Delaval; Bailey Wilson (Mitford Avenue, Blyth), who are all 18 years old, and a 17 year-old boy who cannot yet be identified, were all convicted at Newcastle Crown Court of Manslaughter on Tuesday.

They will be sentenced at an earlier date.

After the hearing, Mrs Humble stated that she didn't take pleasure in the convictions and would prefer to have her son back.

She added, however, that it was impossible so young people must live with the consequences.

"We believe it sends the message that their behavior and how Danny was treated cannot be tolerated."

The court heard that Mr Humble and Adele Stubbs had been enjoying a meal and drinks, after lockdown restrictions had been lifted, when they encountered the 17-year old near an underpass.

The 17-year old had made a joke about Humble looking like Ant and Dec.

The couple initially took it in good humor, but then there was an altercation that saw Mr Humble knocked to the floor and others join in stamping and kicking on him.

Ex-junior soldier Dickson used one of the stamps to puncture Mr Humble's neck artery.

His mother, recalling the day her son died, said, "On 29 May 2021, my life turned to black."

"Danny had dropped off his children, then seven and five year olds, to go to a sleepover. He and his partner were going out on their first date since the lockdown restrictions had relaxed.

"Danny and the kids were laughing, singing, joking, and having a good time. They talked about their plans for the week and half-term.

"He hugged and kissed us all, gave us a wave, and then left. He returned to smile and wave again.

"Hours later, police arrived at my door. My memory is just beginning to fade after that."

She stated that Mr Humble's children were devastated.

She said that the family must live with the "dreadful images of his final moments" when he was "defenceless" prior to the attack.

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