Delphi murders: Man accused in creating a fake social media account claims he did not communicate with victim

Kegan Kline is currently in jail for child sex abuse and child exploitation related charges.

Delphi murders: Man accused in creating a fake social media account claims he did not communicate with victim

Authorities in Indiana say that an Indiana man created a fake account on social media, possibly linked to the murders of two teenage girls in Delphi in 2017. He is now denying any involvement in their deaths.

According to a probable cause statement, Kegan Kline was accused of creating an account under the name "anthony_shots", in order to communicate with girls of minor age and solicit nude pictures.

In August 2020, Kline filed an affidavit stating that he admitted to investigators that the account was his creation. Online court records reveal that Kline is currently in jail on 30 charges, including child exploitation and child pornography, obstruction, justice, and child solicitation.

He entered a not guilty plea and is currently in jail in anticipation of his trial.

These charges do not relate to the murders Abigail Williams "Abby" and Liberty German "Libby". Kline has not been named by authorities as a suspect or person of interest in the double murder.

Kline spoke with HLN recently in a jailhouse interview. He denied any involvement in the murders and stated that he had been cooperating with police.

Police say that Liberty, 14 and Abigail (13 years old) were murdered in February 2017. They were left near an abandoned railroad bridge and were meant to wander around and hang out. They were supposed to be taken from the scene but they never arrived. The bodies of the girls were discovered in a forest area approximately a half mile from the bridge on February 14, 2017.

In December, Indiana State Police stated in a press releasethat the investigation into the murders had led to law enforcement turning to the "anthony_shots profile".

According to the police statement, the profile was used on Instagram and Snapchat from 2016 to 2017. According to state police, the account featured images of a well-known male model. The investigation is not related to the account.

Investigators claim that the account depicted the individual as "extremely wealthy" and possessing many sports cars. They also claimed that the account was used to communicate with juvenile females in order to obtain their addresses and solicit nude images.

Kline stated to HLN that investigators had told him that Liberty's "anthony_shots account" was the last one that he spoke with before her death.

"That's what they told me. He said that the police told him this.

Kline stated that he doesn't remember ever speaking with Liberty. "No. Not at all. He said that he had told the police a hundred times. "They're harassing me and I've done everything they asked me to."

Kline stated that he had given hair follicles to investigators.

A lawyer for Kline didn't immediately respond to Tuesday's requests for comment. The Indiana State Police stated that it cannot comment on the matter "due to an ongoing and active investigation."


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