Democratic group creates super PAC in an effort to counter the election deniers who are running for office

According to NBC News, former President Donald Trump has endorsed dozens candidates who deny he lost 2020's election.

Democratic group creates super PAC in an effort to counter the election deniers who are running for office

WASHINGTON -- American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic organization, announced that it will launch a multi-million-dollar super PAC to target Republican candidates for key offices in the state and local governments who have denials of the 2020 election.

"Our plan was to target extremist Republicans, who want to overturn democracy and expose their dangerous views," stated Pat Dennis, vice-president of research at American Bridge in a Twitter video announcing the campaign.


Dennis stated that Bridge to Democracy, a new group, already identified key positions in key states, "that are most important to election administration, and to certification in 2024."
According to Tiffiany Vanaughn, spokesperson for American Bridge, the group will spend initially $10 million to influence elections for key positions in election administration in key states. It has already sent 22 researchers to examine the backgrounds and records of candidates in a dozen different states.

The super PAC intends to target races in Arizona and Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky. Michigan, Minnesota. Nevada. New Hampshire. North Carolina. Pennsylvania. Texas.

"I believe that the number one goal of American Bridge PAC is to fill a gap that we see in our ecosystem. As Trump and Republicans have turned to these down-ballot races and making sure they have their allies in preparation for 2024. We want to shine a spotlight upon that because I believe that voters fundamentally desire to ensure that their vote counts," Jessica Floyd told NBC News.

The first report by the New York Times on the new PAC was published by The New York Times .

This announcement is made as Trump's former president has supported dozens of candidates at the state and local level who support his claim that the 2020 election was rigged against them. According to a NBC News review of the 91 people he has endorsed, fifty-nine have questioned the results of the 2020 election. This includes those who voted against certifying the victory of President Joe Biden in Congress.

Trump also questioned the 2020 election results. Ten candidates who were endorsed by Trump attended the rally in Washington Jan. 6, 2021 that preceded the Capitol Riot.

The House Committee that investigated the Jan. 6 attack subpoenaed half a dozen people on Tuesday. Mark Finchem is running in Arizona for secretary of state and was endorsed Trump.


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