Denim shirt: The must-have in every summer wardrobe

A real fashion classic is back: the denim shirt.

Denim shirt: The must-have in every summer wardrobe

A real fashion classic is back: the denim shirt. In 2022, the denim garment has long since shed its image as workwear and inspires us with its diverse styling options. A denim shirt is incredibly practical and versatile. As a business look but also as a casual street style in warm temperatures. With these styling tips, the fashion trend will become an absolute favorite this summer.

The double denim look is particularly popular this summer. The combination of several pieces of clothing made of denim is more trendy than ever before. In this case, we choose a loose-fitting denim shirt as a basis. We combine it with a pair of jeans of our choice. The summer variant a la Duchess Meghan (40): When visiting a polo tournament, Prince Harry's wife (37) wore a light blue denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves in combination with short denim shorts in a high-waist cut. Perfect for summer temperatures!

In order for the all-over jeans look to be harmonious, you should definitely make sure that the washes of the individual jeans items of clothing match. In this way, the outfit looks clean, elegant and well thought out. The double denim look can therefore also be the right choice for a business appointment. Similar to what model Elsa Hosk (33) shows on Instagram, the denim shirt is definitely suitable for the office if you combine it with well-fitting, seventies-style flared jeans, for example. Add a simple clean-girl aesthetic make-up and high heels that visually lengthen the body - and the double denim look is complete, with which you will impress in every meeting.

But the denim shirt isn’t just convincing when paired with trousers this summer: if you dare, you should definitely invest in an oversized denim shirt. Few things are as trendy these summer months as wearing an oversized shirt or t-shirt as a dress. If you feel more comfortable with it, you can wear a top and shorts or a mini dress under the XXL shirt. In this way, the look becomes even more flexible - because then you can choose whether the denim shirt is worn open or closed.

In hot temperatures, this style can be completed with sandals, sunglasses and a trendy hip bag. If it's a bit cooler outside, the oversized denim shirt can be combined with thin black tights and boots. Cowboy boots are particularly popular at the moment!

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