Died at 34: This is known about Aaron Carter's death

Family disputes, his psyche, drugs.

Died at 34: This is known about Aaron Carter's death

Family disputes, his psyche, drugs... the list of headlines that Aaron Carter has produced in recent years is long. Now the singer is dead. A product is said to have been found at his home with which he probably had problems before.

Late last week, US pop star Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's little brother, was found dead in the bathtub at his home in Lancaster, California. He was only 34 years old. Gradually, more and more supposed insights into the tragedy come to light, which seem to trace Carter's life between ambitions, good intentions and inner demons.

Aaron Carter clearly had the intention of getting his life back on track and getting his career back on track. According to the celebrity portal "TMZ", he was back in the recording studio just a few weeks before his death to record new music and even a new album. His manager Taylor Helgeson told the site his protégé has been working on a direct follow-up to his 2018 record Love.

In the context of the new project, Aaron Carter also considered a reconciliation with his prominent brother, it is said. He said he intended to use music to show his estranged family, and especially Nick, how much he loved them. This coincides with reports from other platforms, according to which the brothers finally spoke out and approached each other again after years of disputes and mutual accusations.

According to TMZ, Carter was also in withdrawal therapy in the days before his death. However, he missed the last session, which was planned for last Friday. The star was found dead at his home the following Saturday.

According to police sources, officers found cans containing compressed air scattered throughout the house. It is currently being investigated whether this could have something to do with the death of the musician. The compressed air cans are actually used to clean technical devices. Inhaling its contents can induce intoxication while at the same time causing serious bodily harm.

Reports circulated around five years ago that the star might have a corresponding addiction problem. "The Blast" reported in 2017 that a friend of Aaron Carter had called the police and said the musician had inhaled "Computer Duster", one of the cans mentioned.

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