Dieter Bohlen back on stage: "Yes, that's cool"

He thinks it's "cool" that Dieter Bohlen is back on "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", as he calls out to the crowd during a performance in Bonn.

Dieter Bohlen back on stage: "Yes, that's cool"

He thinks it's "cool" that Dieter Bohlen is back on "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", as he calls out to the crowd during a performance in Bonn. There he kind of goes back to his roots and sings songs by Modern Talking.

It's going quite well for Dieter Bohlen and he makes no secret of it. The evening sun has just set behind the seating grandstands, on which some visitors just put their feet up for a moment. But the 68-year-old shines all the more. "I have a question," says Bohlen to his audience. "Who is also happy that I'm back with DSDS?" Next up: cheers. Bohlen replies: "Yes, that's awesome!" DSDS is the abbreviation for the RTL casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". Bohlen, once the format's chief juror, was not there last season, instead hit star Florian Silbereisen (41) acted as jury chairman. A few weeks ago, however, RTL announced that Bohlen would return to the upcoming and final season. Silbereisen, on the other hand, is not.

Actually, that has nothing to do with that evening in Bonn, where Bohlen is performing at an open-air festival. But somehow yes, and not just because the so-called pop titan addresses the topic himself after just a few minutes. On the whole, it is clear: Here is someone who still has plans. Because in addition to the announced return to the jury chair, Bohlen also wants to go on a big tour – not as a producer in the background, but with his band. "It's the greatest comeback of all time," the announcement said, only minimally boastfully.

You can now get a foretaste in Bonn at the "Favorite Songs" festival, where Bohlen is the highlight of the evening after several hours of program full of hit stars. What did he bring? Mainly hits from the Modern Talking era. The pop duo he formed with Thomas Anders used to be loved and hated, music fans were divided. Above all, it was very successful. Modern Talking was last on stage together in 2003, then the two parted a second time.

The songs fit harmoniously into the general retro wave that is sweeping through the show industry. Among other things, Bohlen presents "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", "Cheri Cheri Lady" and "Brother Louie". He clenches his fist, kneels down - and introduces the audience to the songs. "Once you're in China," he says before "Brother Louie," "you'll hardly come across a street where the following title isn't playing." It obviously has traction. Ask a women's group, a bachelorette party, getting married in two weeks. Why did they come? "Dieddä! "Dieddä! Dieddä!" one hears.

Vanessa Mai (30), Giovanni Zarrella (44) and Nino de Angelo (58) appear in front of Bohlen. According to the organizers, around 15,000 visitors came, with the focus, according to the first impression, being in the over 35 age group. "We are young at heart," says one group's shirts. A man has the words "The Club of the Carried Along. We're only here to drink" written on his back.

In fact, many also want to capture the moment when Bohlen brings back the 80s musically. Many mobile phones are pulled out, it is filmed. In the end, the pop titan also has a message: "Be happy," he says. "There is only one life. Make the most of it." And that sounds really serious at this moment. Even if not all wishes come true that evening. In between, a fan calls out: "And now the other one is coming!" But that much comeback isn't announced yet.

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